Play Saturday: Yellow Race 2017

August is a special month in Indonesia with tons of events being held to celebrate our Independence Day. So, Play Saturday also had something special planned for  this month. In the spirit of Independence Day, the team decorated yellow rice, one of Indonesia’s traditions when celebrating big events.

The activity could not start early in the morning as planned by the committee. We had to postpone it for a few hours. The committee were worried that some of us might be upset. Well, it turns out that our excitement hadn’t gone! The activity began after lunch. The game was on!


Everyone was busy with all the food around them.

Each team did their best to transform the food into edible art. They were allowed to bring their own tools. No specific themes were given, hence they were free to do anything to beautify the dish. They came up with various ideas. They reshaped the rice and other parts of the dish such as fried chicken, fried noodles, perkedel (fried patties made of mainly potatoes, kering tempe (crispy fried sweet tempe), and many kinds of vegetables. In less than two hours, they managed to finish their work. The results? So tempting and irresistible.


Team 1 really have shown their magic

Minions! Didn’t see that coming.


They call this one ‘Tumpeng Garden’.

This marvelous idea for Play Saturday was brought by Deni, Dika, and Sheeta. We are so impressed that they came up with this brilliant idea. Not only did we do this as part of celebrating Independence Day, we also tightened our family bond with togetherness during the day. The word ‘race’, besides being an obvious pun from the word ‘rice’, was also taken since the teams needed to decorate the dish in a relatively short time.


Can’t really hide the hunger. 😛


After capturing photos and posting them to Instagram, everyone enjoyed the decorated dishes together. Team 1 came out as the winner, with Team 6 and Team 4 following as runner-ups. “The biggest challenge is that we need to use our bare hands since we didn’t bring any tools,” said Udin from the winning team. In the end, their hard work and limitless creativity paid off as they got the best result.

The winners are here!