Play Saturday: Recipe for Infographic

This Saturday, we’re cooking something up: Ultimate team up – 22 people working together to create one infographic. How do we do it?

Divide the team into 6 groups. Groups 1 to 5, they will be responsible for the content creation. Group 6, they will be the one to rule them all. ^^ Meaning, they will combine all the images and present them as one whole infographic. Time on the clock: 3 hours.

Group 1.  We’re having a lot of fun working with the materials that we have chosen: PlayDoh and balloon. Our image tells of a happy day, where it’s started with a hat full of bowling balls, crafting pieces of jigsaw puzzles, leaving our mark in this world, and ending it with a red animal balloon. Poetic, isn’t it?


Group 2. Group of 4 attractive and pensive men arranging veggie stuffs bravely and gently. Paprika, carrot, parsley, onion, and beans; they look so happy with us! Indeed, we are all inseparable.


Group 3.  We’re using available office stuff to make a hopefully nice infographic theme, and even using our hands to represent “Do’s” and “Dont’s” words. It’s fun but unfortunately, 1 of our team members couldn’t make it to join this activity. I wish she’ll get well soon. With limited preparation and members, we hope the result would still be spectacular.  🙂


Group 4:  It’s totally fun working with this group. A challenge for us to create and make use of the essentials so we can deliver the message to the audience. It’s challenging our creativity, stimulating our brains yet it’s fun and exciting at the same time. Awesome! It’s an honor to work with such incredibly creative individuals in the office. They have a lot of ideas to fill the room! At the end of the day, words can’t even describe how much I enjoyed this Play Saturday.


Group 5: Working as a group means comparing, combining and choosing ideas from several people. However, we have come together to use the ideas through the following ways: (From book chapter 1 and many references we represent how we begin with scratch together side-by-side with the team that constantly improving their skills).—not sure what you mean by this? My suggested statement for this if I understood this correctly:  From the beginning and using various resources and ideas, we have worked together side by side as team while constantly improving our skills in the process. Visit our website and see how easy it is to work together with 24Slides.


Group 6:  The one who will finalize the whole look of the infographic. Aside from the Title and Closing sections, we will weave all the parts together and make them fly.


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Why you should Invest in Professional PowerPoint Slides and How