Play Saturday: Toys for Joy

At 24Slides, we get together once a month outside of work for Play Saturday. However, Play Saturdays are not just fun and play for our benefit. Last month, we decided to share our Play Saturday joy with others.  We know that there are so many people in need, and we thought that there might be opportunities to use talents in special ways to brighten someone’s day.

In this spirit, we created do-it-yourself plushie dolls and paper fans and then donated them to the sick children at Dr. Soepraoen Military Hospital. This isn’t just the closest hospital to our office; this hospital has more kids than other hospital wards, providing us the opportunity to bring cheer to many little ones who need it the most. These children and their families are facing tough challenges, and it is the least that we can do to help ease some of their pain.

While we are usually focused on corporate design-related demands, creating the plushie dolls as adorable companions for the children gave our team the opportunity to challenge its creativity in a different way.  The paper fans and the dolls were part of larger gift packages that we assembled. Also in these gift packages were colorful balloons, puddings and bread.


gift packages




When we arrived at the hospital, approximately 20 children ages 10 to 14 years old greeted us.  While at first they appeared shy, they were curious and interested in our presence and gifts.  It was heartwarming to witness some children opening their gifts with delight and enthusiastically sharing the presents they received.  Additionally, it was wonderful to see the smiling faces of the nurses and parents as they welcomed and thanked us.  These gift packages ended up being so much more than just toys and food.  The love and joy that filled the room was overwhelming.


giving out the gifts


We had a great time at this Play Saturday unleashing our creativity making the plushie dolls and paper fans, but we were even more fulfilled seeing the excitement of those who received the gifts.  Being able to light up the faces of these children with items that we created using our own hands was the most encouraging and rewarding part of the day.


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