#24Volunteer: Participation in Nuevo Futuro’s Fundraising Event

This article was written by Lia, one of our Content Writers based in Lima, Peru, as part of 24Slides’ #StorytellerProgram.

Last week, I had the opportunity to join a group of 24Sliders from Lima, Peru, in the #24Volunteer Program. We participated in Nuevo Futuro’s annual fundraising event, and let me tell you, it definitely wasn’t just another day at the office; it was a chance to make a real impact in my community. Let’s take a closer look at how it went!

But first, let me introduce you to the driving force behind all of this: Nuevo Futuro.

Transforming Lives in Peru: Nuevo Futuro’s Story

“Nuevo Futuro Peru” (New Future in English) is an international NGO with a strong presence in Peru. For the past 28 years, they have been transforming the lives of babies and children in situations of abandonment by establishing residential care centers and implementing prevention projects.

The numbers speak for themselves. Through the association’s efforts, 465 children have been adopted, and 181 have been successfully reintegrated with their biological families. But that’s not all – their child abandonment prevention programs have positively impacted more than 31 thousand individuals, including children, adolescents, parents, and teachers. It’s truly inspiring work.

Our contribution

Each year, Nuevo Futuro hosts a four-day fundraising event that brings hundreds of people together to organize a fair. This fair has dance performances, live music, sales stands, a wide variety of food, games, dynamic activities with prizes, and more. This is where Nuevo Futuro needs help each year, where they rely on the support of many volunteers, and where our role comes into play.

I and the rest of the group of 24Sliders volunteered the first two days of the event. On the first day, our main mission was to set up everything, particularly the area where people would sit down to enjoy their meals and watch shows. Our responsibilities included preparing the tables – arranging tablecloths, setting up chairs, ensuring cutlery and glasses were in place, and paying attention to every detail. 

After everything was ready, the event began, and we transitioned to the game stands to assist in various activities. Throughout the two days, we set up and hosted a raffle, distributing tickets and awarding prizes. Moreover, we participated in multiple children’s games, such as bowling and basketball, providing children and participants with the opportunity to win prizes.

What made this experience even more special was the possibility of connecting with others who attended the event to support the cause. We even had the chance to get to know the children from care centers who came to participate in the event, play games, and enjoy the shows. It was a heartwarming and memorable experience for all involved.

Being part of something bigger: A personal perspective

Personally, it was an amazing experience to be part of something so meaningful.  Something that requires people from different places and backgrounds to come together, plan, organize, and work together for a common goal: having an impact on our community.  

It was inspiring to see how everyone, regardless of their roles within the organization, be it in planning, participating, managing, arranging things, or engaging in various activities, contributed their own small part to a much larger cause.

The impact of volunteering with 24Slides

Being part of a company that genuinely wants to make a positive impact and encourages you to be part of these initiatives is heartwarming. I’ve known that 24Slides is a Certified B Corporation and is socially responsible since I joined five months ago, but this experience made me feel like we’re truly living up to our values.

In fact, we even have an official program for this: the #24Volunteer Program. What is this program about? Well, all 24Slides employees can take up to three (compensated) days off per year to support NGOs and charitable projects. This demonstrates our dedication to actively engage with our communities and collaborate to create a more sustainable world.

I’m excited to keep participating in these initiatives and learn about new ways of contributing to my community.