Global Challenge 2023: Building a Better Future Through Movement

At 24Slides, we are driven by a mission: to empower talent from emerging markets in a comprehensive way. However, our mission goes beyond our organization boundaries; we are firmly committed to make a positive contribution to our society and the environment around us.

The Global Challenge 2023 promotes the physical well-being of our dear 24Sliders, as we remain committed to improving the accessibility of education and healthcare services in our communities. 

This global activity took place from September 18th to the 24th, primarily in our offices in Denmark, Indonesia, and Peru. Learn more about our Global Challenge 2023 below!

The Global Challenge 2023

For us, this challenge is all about bringing 24Sliders together virtually, while challenging themselves to get more active. The participants can do this on their own or team up with colleagues. Whatever gets them moving!

At the end of the challenge, 24Slides has donated $20 for each participant, reaching a total of $4,000. This amount collected will support two charitable causes: one in Indonesia and another in Peru.

During the 7 days of the Global Challenge, the participants could stick to one goal or combine various activities:

  • 50 km by walking or running.
  • 120 km by cycling.
  • 6 hours working out (gym exercises, yoga, dance classes, swimming, etc.)

It’s crucial to emphasize that the final result in kilometers or hours isn’t the most important thing here. This challenge is about achieving personal goals while finding motivation collectively. Everyone who’s gotten more active than usual is a winner!

The Results

In this edition, we exceeded our objective and the results from last year. Let’s take a closer look at each result:

  • $4,000 collected and ready to be donated to NGOs.
  • 200 participants registered for the challenge.
  • 82% participation across all 24Slides offices.

During the week of the challenge, all 24Sliders showed a lot of enthusiasm and shared their progress through our WhatsApp and Strava groups. Without a doubt, these digital spaces were a common source of motivation to stay active and continue moving through the challenge.

This enthusiasm was impossible to miss in our offices in Denmark and Indonesia, where our colleagues organized sporting events to have a good time and strengthen team bonds. Here are some testimonials:

“We organized a great team-building session in Copenhill, which is the place where people go skiing here! We played some fun little games like hammering a nail into wood, ring toss, mini golf, and more. We had so much fun. There was even a crowd of people watching and clapping!”

– Jayne, Customer Success Manager from Denmark

“On Sunday, we gathered bright and early at 6:30 AM for a friendly competition known as “Selusur Kota: The Walking Race.” There, we were 40 people divided into 14 teams, competing for some fun prizes. We walked around 6 km in 100 minutes, solving clues, discovering new places, and, above all, enjoying team bonding!”

-Tasya, Junior Project Manager from Indonesia

Our Target Communities

After 7 days of constant effort and collective synergy, we are thrilled and proud to have successfully raised $4,000 for two charitable causes in Indonesia and Peru

Indonesia stands as one of the homelands of our talented designers. Despite its great aspects, the country is dealing with some challenges in the education sector, and we want to take action.

The funds raised will support the association Ruang Belajar Aqil, allowing them to purchase high-quality reading materials, vehicles for the mobile library, and organize creative workshops for children around Greater Malang Regency. The desired outcome of this collaboration is improving their capabilities, especially those in literacy and numeracy.

On the other hand, Peru, our second design office, has high poverty rates affecting the country’s most vulnerable populations. Nuevo Futuro, an NGO that offers homes to orphaned babies and children, will be our ally in this cause. 

Part of the money raised will be used to purchase medical instruments and medical care coverage for the children of the home. With these efforts, we are committed to ensuring them decent access to health services and thus avoid any complications in their well-being.

24Slides’ work does not end there. In about three to four months, we will measure the impact generated in both organizations. Our long-term goal is to guarantee a better quality of life and enhance the early development of the targeted children.

At 24Slides, we aim to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through different actions to help build a better future for our communities. Initiatives like the Global Challenge serve as a starting point for creating a more comprehensive global impact.

For us, it’s crucial to collaborate with organizations that have a holistic approach and are committed to transforming our society for the better. Together, we can make a real difference in complex issues like child poverty.

Being able to generate this positive impact while fostering a healthier lifestyle among our team is an achievement that fills us with immense pride. We’re looking forward to the following challenges and invite you to be part of the journey!