The Educational Support Program: Empowering our closest community

This article was written by Bayu and Habibi, CSR Partner and Head of People Success at 24Slides Indonesia, as part of 24Slides’ #StorytellerProgram.

At 24Slides, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education and its role in building a brighter future. We commit to giving our best efforts to support various educational initiatives, particularly those that enrich the educational journey of our children.

Our Educational Support Program (ESP) evidences this commitment, aligning seamlessly with our mission of “empowering people in emerging markets.” This program was designed to extend financial aid to the children of our colleagues, ensuring their access to high-quality education.

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How can someone benefit from the program?

The only requirements for our 24Sliders are completing a Personal Finance Course at 24Academy and submitting a savings plan designed to cover the remaining funds required for the child’s education. 

By requesting this savings plan, we guarantee the achievement of the educational objective while indirectly promoting a culture of saving within the family.

Regarding this, Bayu mentions:

“[This program] really opens my mind when considering a better educational plan for my daughter. We need to develop a better plan, such as conducting school research and creating a financial strategy. 24Slides ensures we have the tools and materials to learn all these skills. By applying for this program, we must learn how to manage the budget effectively and be aware of saving and spending the resources we have. All this is taught in the Personal Finance Course.”Bayu, CSR Partner at 24Slides Indonesia

Final Impact on Our Community

Bayu and Habibi, CSR Partner and Head of People Success at 24Slides Indonesia were some of the beneficiaries of this program, which has impacted them in different ways:

“The Educational Support Program goes beyond financial assistance; it provides me with valuable skills through financial courses, savings plan practices, and budget management. This comprehensive approach ensures that my child receives a quality education and allows me to make informed financial decisions for my family’s future. I am truly grateful to be part of 24Slides, a company that not only values its employees but also prioritizes education and the development of future generations.” – Habibi, Head of People Success at 24Slides Indonesia

“Working at 24Slides is simply an amazing opportunity for me; the work environment reflects our core values, and with this program, our value ‘We Care’ truly shines. The company strives to always support and care for all of us and, at the same time, spread a positive impact on our communities and colleagues. It ensures a margin of improvement in personal and professional growth by providing us with key resources and materials.” – Bayu, CSR Partner at 24Slides Indonesia

With our Educational Support Program (ESP), we reaffirm our commitment to the well-being and growth of our 24Sliders. We emphasize that these efforts are directed not only toward the employees themselves but also toward the well-being of their families, with the ultimate goal of fostering long-term empowerment.

The idea behind this is that by assisting our colleagues with their finances, we cultivate a supportive environment that relieves some of the burden of financial concerns that may affect their mental health. At 24Slides, we are committed to taking comprehensive actions, and this program is evidence of that.

We will persist in our alignment with the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. In this case, our Educational Support Program aligns with Sustainable Development Goal N° 4 (SDG 4): Quality Education.

Let’s embark on this journey together!