#StorytellerProgram: Insights from Our Designers’ Experiences with Marketing Professionals

Since marketing teams usually have to face a high-paced, constant demand for materials, presentations can often become a recurrent burden that consumes unexpected amounts of time and effort, taking away resources from more relevant tasks

That’s why, of the thousands of slides we produce daily, many are targeted towards supporting marketing teams and covering their presentation flank to help them boost their efficiency by allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their own work.

Benny, Ivana, and Asmaul, some of our designers who are experts at working with marketing professionals, shared with us their insights on how they and their teams work together with these customers to achieve a successful partnership, supporting marketing teams with their presentation needs.

The power of visual communication

“Working with marketing professionals is always an exciting experience. They have a deep understanding of their brand and target audience, which helps us create presentations that align with their objectives. But they also appreciate collaboration and value partners who can bring their ideas and creative vision to life while adding a professional touch to the design.”

Working with a marketing team can be a challenge on its own. As fellow creatives, they are well aware of the power of a good presentation – and the dangers of a bad one! 

Our designers highlighted the importance of creating visually compelling pieces for marketing customers. While other customers might be satisfied with a clean, minimalistic layout, marketing professionals are always looking to go the extra mile. 

Benny: The process can be very long, as they have a very clear idea of what kind of illustrations they want, how they want the pieces to look, and so on. We often go back and forth several times, so we can make sure we’ve gotten all the details perfectly. 

Always on time and on point

“We understand the fast-paced nature of marketing and the need to meet deadlines. That’s why we have efficient workflows that allow us to manage tight schedules while maintaining quality standards. Timely delivery is a commitment we take seriously.”

When working with marketing professionals in a field with such a high pace and a demand for constant production, it’s vital for the designers to be able to stay on top of the different requests. By enabling 24-hour and super-fast 10-hour turnaround options, our designers make sure that all presentations are ready to go whenever the customer needs them. 

Not only are deadlines a must, but also being able to convey different brands and corporate identities at a moment’s notice. 

Asmaul: In marketing agencies, the content they send us will be used for different customers of their own. So many times, we have to juggle different templates and brands for each order. We need to be able to meet the expectations of both the agencies and their customers. It can make marketing presentations pretty challenging (but a task we’re always up to!). 

Focusing on the brand

Brand consistency is a top priority for us when working with marketing professionals to ensure that the final product fits their needs.  We thoroughly study their branding guidelines, including color palettes, typography, imagery, and overall visual identity. 

Things like lettering, color palette, and illustration style can seem small, but they can make a difference when it comes to professionalism. For our designers, it is the key to turning a plain presentation into a showstopper and a successful piece of content for marketing customers.

Asmaul: When tackling a marketing project, I always try to understand the brand look first so we can convey it in its own unique way. This makes the process much easier and also makes it more likely that we’ll meet the customers’ expectations from the beginning.

Giving the customer what they want

We recently collaborated with a marketing manager who needed a data-heavy presentation. We worked closely with the marketing manager to make sure the data was easily understandable and visually appealing while maintaining the brand’s visual identity. The result was a presentation that effectively communicated the data while capturing the attention of the audience. 

Communication is one of the things designers highlight the most, as it allows them to fulfill the customers’ expectations. The brief and brand guidelines allow the designers to maximize their expertise and ensure the final result is precisely what the customer is looking for. 

Ivana: For me, the key is to stick to the brief. They often can ask for pretty specific things! It’s our job to make sure their requests look as best as possible and in line with their expectations. I often try to send them references or draft options and several slide alternatives, so it’s always up to their standards. 

Working with marketing teams is all about making the process as efficient as possible. Our goal is to free them from recurrent, time-consuming tasks that take away from more important ones and give them ready-to-use materials with little to no effort on their side – whether it is with presentations, banners, infographics, or any graphic content that they may require.

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