Making Slides that Change the World: SlideAid Campaign

In 24Slides, we’re all about giving back. And while sometimes this means more direct things like participating in a charity walk to collect funds for schools or organizing thrift markets to support children with disabilities, there’s always more than one way to make a positive impact in the world. 

Beginning in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, 24Slides offered their services for free to any organization that needed support with design content concerning safety measures. The goal was to combat misinformation and use our designers’ incredible talent to help organizations and individuals face such hard times by creating content that would help people reduce disease propagation through better communication. 

Last year, after the pandemic was over, we asked ourselves: Aren’t we missing an opportunity to help people and do good? 

And that’s how our mid-year SlideAid Campaign was born. 

We changed our original campaign to any NGO, not-for-profit organization, and institution without a commercial interest. For any topic they needed support for, 24Slides offered up to 20 free slides to help socially responsible projects and maximize their impact

This year, for the second time in a row, our SlideAid Campaign has been a success. For the whole month of June, our designers work tirelessly supporting NGOs and non-profit organizations creating presentations for potential investors, infographics to convey their data, and content for their social media platforms, among many other things. 

Potential beneficiaries from this campaign were able to access through a coupon via social media and submit their order for review. Our CSR department was responsible for evaluating if each order suited the goals and criteria of the campaign, and then our designers would work their magic. 

Just like in 2022, this campaign was oriented towards non-profit organizations with socially responsible projects only, with a higher emphasis on those working within 24Slides’ direct communities, as our goal was to empower and super boost other initiatives that align with 24Slides mission to create a better, fairer world

We believe that, by working together with other organizations with similar goals, we have a higher chance to make a bigger, long-lasting impact, and it also opens doors for future partnerships and activities.

We wanted especially to lend a helping hand to those charity organizations on the smaller side or with limited resources that struggle to get funding and support for their initiatives. Through the expertise of our designers, we aim to give them a better chance to showcase themselves and get all the backing they deserve. 

HARUM Family Center, one of the organizations this initiative supported, whom promotes children’s rights, foster care, and education access in Malang, Indonesia, agreed that they were able to get an extra edge through 24Slides support: 

For social institutions, especially on a local scale, such as HARUM, having access to presentation design from 24Slides gives a different touch. It helps us make a more classy impression. It makes our slides have a similar feel to slides from national and even international scale institutions.

Just like with HARUM Family Center, this campaign aimed to give all purposeful organizations and projects a chance at better visibility and visual communication through our expert design services. 

By the end of June, our team working on the SlideAid had redesigned 139 slides, which roughly equivaltes to a total value of $4,600  — which might seem a low fee for bigger companies, but that can make all the difference for smaller non-profit organizations looking for fundraising opportunities. 

While this might seem a small accomplishment, we’re sure that this is only the first step in a much longer road ahead. We know that we’ll be able to accomplish much more and support even more organizations in the future. We believe in the core mission of 24Slides and in the power of helping people build a better world.