The Power of Slides: Our Summer Charity Campaign

Balancing purpose with profit has always been one of the pillars of 24Slides. That’s why our main purpose is all about empowering people and creating new opportunities in emerging markets. But even beyond the direct impact we seek to have on our collaborators, we always try to be on the lookout for ways to help create a better world. 

As summer draws in, presentation requests usually go down. We’ve long asked ourselves what to do during this time to truly make the most of all the unmatched talent 24Slides designers have to offer. It turns out, the low season is the perfect time to focus on giving back to the community and using our resources to make a positive impact in the world. 

That’s why all of July, we ran our SlideAid campaign. This was an open invitation to every NGO, non-profit organization, or project without commercial interests that needed help with their design work. We offered up to 20 free slides developed from scratch by our team of professional presentation designers. 

Graphic design might seem like a secondary task, but it can make a massive difference in terms of marketing, raising funds and awareness, and effectively communicating goals and impact. As the Founder of Rising Hope, a charity organization supporting recovering addicts in Tanzania, says; 

“Visual communication is very important for us to be able to raise awareness about our work and for fundraising. With the help of 24Slides, we are able to ensure that our presentations will communicate our messages sharply and spot-on, which will result in increased awareness and fundraising and thereby achieve better results and impact for the people we are working with to improve their livelihood.” – Stine Ardal Andersen, Founder and Director of Rising Hope.

By focusing all the raw talent and knowledge from our designers on this type of non-profit projects, we hope we can help support these organizations to make an even bigger impact. Many of these, especially those on the smaller side, run on a tight budget design-wise, leading them to struggle to get funding and reach potential contributors.  

By the end of July, the final count comes all the way up to 360 slides (re)designed to the organizations and projects supported. The value of these slides is 9,338 USD, all which have been given freely to support various important projects. 

Now that the campaign is over, we’re beginning to hear the feedback of those who have taken the free slides offer, and we’re happy to realize how 24Slides’ talent with presentations can be used to help charitable projects and support non-profit organizations. 

“Our CSR Deck will be used as a document to send out to both current and potential corporate partners and will have a huge impact on whether corporates wish to get involved with Gulf for Good or not, so this document has to be highly presentable.” – Milly Larmer, Fundraising and Operations Manager at Gulf For Good.

The SlideAid campaign is only a small part of 24Slides’ long-term commitment to supporting people in need. We’re happy to use our resources and knowledge to make a positive impact by being a purpose-driven company. Learn more about 24Slides mission and projects here.