The 24Club in Indonesia

This article was written by Rosi, Junior Designer in Indonesia, as part of 24Slides’ Storyteller’s Program.

Health is something I have a problem taking care of very well. Not because of the amount of sports or workouts I’ve been doing, but because the weather hasn’t been so good lately. Sometimes it’s raining outside, and sometimes it’s kind of cloudy. When the weather is too chilly, it makes me reluctant to leave the house.

I think the company has also noticed it, that’s why now we have a new program called The 24Club. This program was created after seeing the enthusiasm from the 24Slides employees to stay healthy and do sports or work out regularly. The 24Club provides us with various sports and workouts, which will be realized gradually, so the employees have a lot of options to do whichever sport they want.

As for now, four types of sports have been available since July 2022: Yoga, gym, futsal, and badminton. The best part is that we’re not limited to choosing only one of them, we can participate in all the sports provided ━ as freely as we want. For the upcoming sports, there will be basketball, swimming, martial arts, hiking, soccer, cycling, archery, and even e-sport. I’m really excited to see more of them soon.

Besides the gym, the other sports are being held once a month. Whoever is interested in joining has to fill up their name on a monthly sheet since the number of participants is limited. For example, badminton has 35 participants maximum, yoga has 10 participants maximum, while futsal and gym have no maximum number.

As a starter, I signed up for a yoga class that 24Slides has been providing for years now. In addition, I also joined badminton for a cardio workout. It was amazing to feel the passion of smashing the shuttlecock again after such a long time of not playing it. I sweated myself out, hitting the shuttlecock while making sure not to bump into my teammate.

Since I’m not a good player myself, I got some help from my teammates. They helped me understand the rules better and made sure that I caught up with the game. I was teamed up with a colleague that I’d never met before, so it felt refreshing to meet someone new. It always feels so good to make friends, I think. This way, I can get new points of view not only related to work but also within something we shared a mutual interest in.

By doing yoga and badminton regularly, I hope that I can refresh myself physically and mentally. What I mean by mentally is that my mind feels so ready to handle whatever is coming the next day.

The funny story is that I ruined my shoes while warming up, which is not really a cool thing to share. Luckily, I still managed to get into the last minute of the game. I think that’s all I can share for now, and I can’t wait to join another session soon and feel the sore all over my body again (just kidding).

Stay healthy, everyone!