Title Slide for a biology presentation about the brain
Left-brain and right-brain theory slide
Four section slide with icons
Human Brain graphic
Three progress bars with a graphic of the human brain
Simple Table
List Slide with icons
Global map graphic
Zigzag horizontal timeline with icons
Colorful thank you slide
Title Slide for a biology presentation about the brain

The Human Brain Presentation Template

Number of slides: 10

The human brain is arguably one of the most complex entities in the entire universe. Even though it sits right behind our eyes, we know only a fraction of what this incredible machine is capable of. Recent advancements in science, medicine and technology have offered us a slight understanding of our brain. And to help your brain focus on the important tasks, this amazing slide deck comes with the Left-Brain Right-Brain slide, the Brain Understanding Timeline and the Brain Processes Matrix to give your audience an introduction into this wonderful biological structure.

Human Brain Presentation Template for Free

Left-Brain Right-Brain slide

The differences between the left brain and right brain have been a topic brought up very often in personality tests and pop culture, but the science is very real. The analytical and creative sides, even though these terms are overly-simplistic to describe the process, perform different functions of the mind that together make you the whole person that you are.

Brain Understanding Timeline

Ancient Egyptians did not think a lot of the brain. They would just scoop it out through the nostrils and discard of it. Thankfully, now we know better, and this process has been ongoing for hundreds of years. Who knows how many hundreds more until we fully understand this complex machine.

Brain Processes Matrix

Different processes are handled in various areas of the brain. This matrix can help you explain how the amygdala differs from the frontal lobe. It can visually represent the distributions of tasks throughout the brain.

Learn about yourself

Discovering more about the brain will help you understand yourself better

Don’t try to understand it all

Not even the most advanced in their field know everything about the brain

Brain Research

The brain is capable of doing incredible things, share your findings with the world!

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