Pastel PowerPoint Slide Template for lifestyle brands
Fashion Collection PowerPoint Slide in blue and pink pastel colors
Creative Concept PowerPoint Slide for lifestyle brands
light-themed PowerPoint Slide featuring bar charts for business results
Customer Profile PowerPoint Slide in pastel colors
Brand Story Slide in pastel colors
Lifestyle brand services in pink pastel PowerPoint slide
Business Goals Slide for lifestyle brand
Brand strategy roadmap slide in pastel colors
Light-themed Thank You Slide with the image of a woman in white dress
Pastel PowerPoint Slide Template for lifestyle brands

Pastel PowerPoint Template

Number of slides: 10

A presentation in pastel colors can be as effective as a corporate one. The pastel PowerPoint template gives you incredible slides to create an engaging deck for business. This presentation template is perfect for you if you work in the beauty, fashion, or lifestyle industry. You’ll find the key sections for a creative presentation in pastel colors, from a customer profile to a business history slide and a brand strategy roadmap. You can insert your data, photo collections, company milestones, and more.

Free Pastel PowerPoint Template

Pink Pastel Slide for Brand Strategy

Build the best strategy to reach your business goals. Here’s a brand strategy slide to break down your goals into well-organized actions and steps to move forward. You can nicely lay down your ideas into a horizontal roadmap and add a brief description for each action. 

Customer Profile Slide in Pastel Colors

Present your customer profile in a dashboard-like pastel slide. You can highlight interesting facts in images, data-driven graphics, maps, and color blocks. Rather than a plain description of your customers, you can use this slide to share a visual customer profile summary with your team and other stakeholders.

Pink Pastel Slide for Fashion Collections 

Fashion industry professionals will love this 3-image slide. Make it clean and simple. Showcase your best collections or categories in a pastel PowerPoint slide that puts your products up and front for everyone.

Pastel PowerPoint charts

Boost your business presentation with data and figures. The Pastel PowerPoint template comes with data-driven bar and circle charts that allow you to display trends and key indicators.

Beauty and fashion entrepreneurs

The pink pastel PowerPoint template can help beauty and fashion entrepreneurs with their first pitch decks. These slides are highly visual and 100% editable.

A presentation in soft colors

It’s not common for a corporate presentation to have pastel colors; however, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. This pastel PowerPoint template will help you engage and stand out in any setting.

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