Enrichment Training: The Zero Waste Living

As a certified B corporation, we committed to drive our community to work toward a healthier environment. One of the thing we purposefully do is using the power of business to overcome one of the environment chronic problem, waste.

Human daily activity generate large amount of waste that is still not managed well. oftentimes the waste is ended up not only at landfill, but also at sea and river that harm our health and ecosystem sustainability. So, we want to make change by commit doing any impactful things that make difference and generate lesser waste.

To start the change, first we need to educate the core of our company, the employee. We decide to hold a series of education about how to contribute better to our surrounding social and environment. We integrate the education of zero waste living, a lifestyle that enable us to make difference regarding the waste issue, in this enrichment training.

We invite Dr Hassan and Mrs. Deasy, the first sustainable living family and the owner of the first organic shop in indonesia. They run several social channel to inspire people and prove that zero waste living is possible.  This way of living is an increasingly popular lifestyle that aim to produce as little waste as possible, by reducing, reusing and recycling trash.

In that sunny Saturday, We gathered at the tribune and listened to Dr Hassan shared how his family run this wonderful lifestyle in their daily life. Dr Hassan started the seminar by showing us that all activity in our daily life generate the waste that impact the earth, either lightly or greatly.

Imagine the waste that one person produce for one week, and one month. Then Imagine the amount of waste produce by 7 billion people living on earth, for one year. The amount is enormous and always increasing every single day.

Human population who generate trash always increase, while the number of landfill doesn’t. This condition will reach one point where the landfill would not be able to sufficiently accommodate all volume of waste anymore.

If we do nothing, this waste problem could getting more serious. The earth we live in will be full of waste. This would disrupt the health of both, earth ecosystem and human. In the end, The one who is going to suffer from this condition is human.

One of the impactful thing we can do from now is dive in zero waste lifestyle, little by little. We can start by shifting to environment friendly product that made from degradable material like bamboo or wooden. We can also choose the tools that made from durable and long lasting material like metal so you can use it for years and gradually sending lesser waste to landfill. Because great change begin with subtle shift, we can start small by being more selective in choosing products based on their contains and usage.

The next thing we can do is reusing stuff. Instead throwing away your used stuff, give it to other person or repurpose it for something useful. One of the example is Dr Hasan family who has 3 daughters. They reuse the baby clothes from the oldest sister’s children to the youngest sister’s. Instead of throwing the used baby clothes, they give them to other person. Surely, this lifestyle is economically better as they can save more money and don’t need to buy new clothes.


We didn’t realize 3 hours has passed as we gained many new knowledge that help us find our whys; Why start this lifestyle and why it is important for us. The condition of our earth we live in will impact our life greatly. That’s why being care will benefit us in long term, directly or indirectly.

We are grateful to have chance to learn how to start small actions to support our earth sustainability. We believe that doing kind things for earth that integrated throughout everyday life will make us feel positive. The care we show through small things will go beyond and spread to other aspects of life. And lastly, being a B Corporation, We are proud that through our community, we use business as as a force for good.