Living in a country at war: Ukraine’s 2-year war mark

The 24th of February marks the two-year mark of the war in Ukraine. A devastating day that has led to uncertainty and frustration. While in the media, the war in Ukraine might not have the same sting as two years ago, the fact is that people still have to live their everyday lives in a country at war. As a company with colleagues in Ukraine, we’re keenly aware that even if this type of danger and everyday stress might seem like such a distant issue for many, for many of our coworkers, it is still a dreadful reality. 

“All Ukrainians, and our team also, had to accept all unexpected challenges – things like finding the electricity sources, staying in touch during the blackouts, or having a productive workday after several night attacks. We’ve had to learn to act normally in such abnormal situations.” – Jane

After two long years, Ukrainian people had been forced to learn to live in such an extreme situation and to make the most out of it. As a company committed to putting people first, 24Slides has tried to let our team manage their own rhythm and workstyle, as they know better than anyone what they need the most to live as normally as possible. 

“In such a hard time, you learn to appreciate the help and support more than ever. We support each other as a team and also get support from the company. We know that we have leeway and flexibility for any kind of war-related problems we could face and that the company is fully committed to supporting us – from the first day, we know that our safety and well-being are the priority for 24Slides.”

“We have the flexibility to manage our workdays, which helps in our unpredictable reality. The company has provided the team with electrical supplies to prepare for potential blackouts and implemented a mental support program with psychological sessions. The main helpful thing is to know that whatever happens, you will still have someone there for you – on a personal and a corporate level both.”

Because of how unpredictable it is, it’s hard to make any long-term plans. We work as a normal remote team – doing tasks, setting up meetings, etc. But instead of “work/life balance,” we “have work/life/war” balance. But our team does their best to minimize the war effects on the work results, and it’s something that brings a feeling of achievement in such an unpredictable situation.”  

24Slides’ Ukraine team has not only kept active by their own decision, but they’ve found ways to grow and thrive even through all these challenges. In the last two years, the Ukraine office has hired six new members and worked on some of the most important projects, like the new customer platform of 24Slides. 

It’s a testament to their resilience and bravery that they keep finding the strength to do their best in such situations.  

“The thing that brings hope and inspires us to continue through all these challenges is people`s unity. You see how most people try to support each other, to help defenders whichever way they can. When you see school teachers who try to distract kids in the bomb shelter or grocery stores that work no matter what, it inspires you also to keep doing your best in your place.” – Yevheniia

This might seem like such a small aspect of war, but when asked what they would like other people to know about the war, this is what our Ukrainian team answered: 

“Unfortunately, the coverage of news worldwide has shrunk dramatically compared to the beginning of the war, which is understandable. However, this is still a reality for us, all the terrible and horrific things on the shoulders of Ukrainians who live in the country and even those outside. I wish people wouldn’t avoid this topic and that people try to help in whatever they can like it was in the beginning.” – Artem

Now, two years after the beginning of the war, it’s especially important to remember that Ukrainians are still living their everyday life in such difficult conditions. Even if it’s to create awareness that the conflict is still ongoing, we find it especially important to recognize our Ukrainian team and the incredible challenges they face daily, as well as to manifest our support and commitment to them.