#StorytellerProgram: A Culture of Recognition and Appreciation in Our Indonesian Office

This article was written by Himawan, Talent Development Manager at 24Slides Indonesia, as part of 24Slides’ #StorytellerProgram.

At 24Slides, we aspire to give recognition and appreciation to every colleague for their contribution to our mission.

This recognition can be shown in many forms: awards, gifts, or even simple gestures and words. In fact, a survey by Great Place to Work shows that 37% of respondents consider recognition as the best and most effective way to keep motivation at work. 

This time, we want to share how we build a supportive environment for all 24Sliders in our Indonesian office.

We Celebrate Our Growth Together 

Since the early years, we have organized many events to celebrate our achievements or simply appreciate our hard work. 

The Family Gathering in 2019 marked the beginning of our annual awards. At this event, themed “Celebration of Success,” we witnessed the first celebration of Employee of the Year, along with other individual and group awards that filled us with immense pride. Our celebration continued with our 2020 version until the pandemic came and changed our plans a little bit.

The year 2022 was special since we commemorated our 10-year anniversary with a huge event. As it marks our first-decade milestone, some of the recognitions were given to colleagues who have made valuable contributions over the years, as well as to welcome the new members of the team.

However, we’re clear that this kind of event goes beyond awards and prizes. We all gathered to have fun, celebrate achievements, and cherish special moments in our journey as a growing team. 

Special Recognitions at our 10th Anniversary

Further Acts of Recognition and Appreciation

The acts to give recognition and appreciation don’t stop at company-level or office-level programs. Recognition and appreciation can be found anywhere and anytime at 24Slides!  

We highly appreciate the loyalty and long-term commitment of our colleagues. Since 2017, everyone who has reached their 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th year at 24Slides will receive a special gift through our Milestone Program.

We aim for every 24Slider to experience memorable moments, and we genuinely care about everyone feeling valued. That’s why this Milestone Program stands as a symbol of recognition for all the years of dedication to our company’s growth. 

Furthermore, leaders and managers can organize their own format and concept of recognition: a comical gift, a fancy dinner, or a fun trip. While many of these initiatives are “sponsored” by the company, sometimes we also witness initiatives that emerge organically among colleagues.

We believe that a simple “thank you” or “congratulations” as an expression of gratitude or excitement could mean the world to someone. For instance, when a colleague gets promoted, we make an official announcement and organize a dinner to celebrate together. 

The Indonesian Product Team celebrating their achievements

The Unique Culture that Sets 24Slides Apart

A positive work environment is not possible without a good culture. At 24Slides, the multicultural factor is another variable to consider.

When managing a global team with a presence in 5 countries, it becomes imperative to establish certain internal guidelines that help us follow the same path. This encapsulated our organizational culture.

Even though many colleagues don’t have the same cultural background, embracing the 24Slides culture enables us to work as a high-level team and obtain excellent results.

Last but not least, a good organizational culture also keeps everyone motivated and comfortable with the work environment. Providing these working conditions is another way to show appreciation to our team.

In fact, this article is also my way of appreciating what 24Sliders have been doing to preserve this heartwarming culture. We aspire to keep this culture alive in every layer of the big team. Way to go, everyone!