Personal financial training for all 24Sliders

At 24Slides, empowering our people is the north star in everything we do. That’s why we put a great focus on creating the best working conditions to develop their talents and ensure their wellbeing. For us, that includes not only our team’s physical and mental health but also their financial wellness. 

In 2021, we created an emergency loan program for colleagues in Indonesia and Peru with great results. And we realized there’s more we could do to financially empower our people and make a long-term impact on their lives. Today, we’re proud to launch our first Personal Finances course for all 24Sliders worldwide. 

With this training, we aim to give our team the tools to reach their financial goals via online lessons that cover the essentials of planning a budget, how to do savings, and tackling debts. All material will be available on our renewed educational platform: 24Academy

As to why we encourage our teams in Denmark, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Peru to complete this course, Louise Holk, Head of CSR at 24Slides, shares: “While we are happy to have an emergency loan program for colleagues that are in a difficult situation financially, we would love it if this initiative would help prevent some of them from being put in this situation in the first place. By accommodating knowledge on financial planning, I believe that we are tackling future issues in a very sustainable way”.

Our commitment as a Certified B Company starts with our people, and we are pleased to offer 24Sliders such learning opportunities that will help them increase their quality of life and ability to provide for their future.