The Story of 24Slides

24Slides is more than just great presentation and PowerPoint design, we have a mission to change the world, one slide at a time.

Our Purpose

We make the world smaller, one slide at a time. That’s our motto. We make the world smaller by bringing the gap between talents in emerging countries and customers in developed countries.

Making an impact in Indonesia through outsourcing is at the core of what we do.

We have learned that by investing in education and technology and by streamlining processes, we can overcome cultural differences and bring value to both our customers and our employees.

By educating and training our employees in our customers’ standards and expectations, our employees provide our customers with high quality products. In turn, our employees can make a living out of their craft, expanding their audience beyond borders of their country.




Our Responsibility

At 24Slides, we believe that in order to provide the best for our customers, we need to provide the best for our team. This is why we don’t only take care of our team, we nurture them. We don’t only see good working conditions as a perk, we see it as our goal.

Our Values

The values that drive 24Slides are:

mutual respect
continuous learning
fun at work

At 24Slides, we believe that sharing the same values helps us become better employees, colleagues and individuals. We don’t only live by our values, we embody them. They are reflected in our everyday lives and in the activities that we organize ourselves.

our initiative

Because our team only provides the best, they only deserve the best. Providing them with the best working conditions is a permanent part of our goals.

social activities

Once a month, we get together for Play Saturday, a day where we get the chance to spend time together as a team outside of work. On Play Saturdays, we organize activities that allow us to create or experience something new together. What have we done so far? We have made dreamcatchers,tote bags.

Besides Play Saturdays, we also organize sports days, smoothie Thursdays and more.

free health insurance

Apart from the mandatory BPJS Ketenagakerjaan insurance regulated by the government, we provide our team with an additional insurance benefit called AIA. This benefit provides additional coverage for employees, their spouses and up to 3 children. The coverage includes in and outpatient healthcare, dental care and death benefits. We maintain competitive social standards within the industry and ensure the highest level of social security for our team and their families.

free food and snacks

The team enjoys healthy and freshly cooked meals and snacks everyday. Eating meals together as a family is an important part of Indonesian culture, and one that we have openly adapted in our office.

recreational areas

We make sure that our office is a homelike space where the team can work hard, unwind and reenergize. The goal is to make sure that everyone feels like their best self at the office.

prayer room

A prayer room is available for the team so they can exercise their faith in a quiet and solemn place.


Our design team works in three shifts to cover different time zones — the latest ending after midnight. Our office provides private bedrooms that cater to those living far from the office.

TV room

The TV room is a cozy space for the team to unwind before or after their shifts. It is also open to family and friends.

Business Office

Bredgade 33c
1260 Copenhagen

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Design office

Tumenggung Suryo 141
Malang, East Java 65122

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