Play Saturday: Asoy Geboy Games

After having so many kind of quiz games, the oganizer of last month’s play Saturday, comprising of Ainun, Dhevan and Zen, came up with a very different game concept, asoy geboy games. Asoy Geboy is a popular Indonesian slank phrase that means fun and pleasurable.

This time, we didn’t sit and rack our brain to find out the answer of quiz questions. Instead, we utilized large space in the middle of our office to play group games and move up whole of our body.

On that sunny Saturday morning, Ainun, who acted as game master, kicked off the day by explaining all the rules for the 3 first game we were going to play. After divided into 4 big teams, we started the first game without further ado.

On the first round, 6 people from each team were choosen to represent the team in a  “mysterious” game. In front of us, we had 4 tables in 4 rows. There is something covered with paper on each table. We didn’t know what that thing was, until the first whistle sound was heard.

It was corn and rice snack in the first row. In the second row was dozens of packaged jelly that take time to open. In the third was a big pack of wafer and the last was a big cartone of milk.

We had to spend all snack as fast as we can. 

Each participant only had 30 seconds to stay in one table before move to the next. It was a very rush and thrilling breakfast game. 10 minutes later, the game ended. Team 4 claimed their first the victory as they spent the most snack.

The next round was chain gesture games. 10 persons from each team made a long line to distribute the gesture to describe something from first person in the front line to the back line. The last people on the back had to write down the correct word to claim the point. We distributed gesture about things in the office, animal, and spesific diseases. This time, team 3 who gained most point, won the game.

The third game was distributing sarung (traditional long piece of cloth that usually wrapped round the body) from the first to the last person while holding hand. In the end of every line, we had 3 peoples that one of them had to wear the sarung on the head like ninja mask, and the others lifted that one person to reach the front line of the row.

In the last game, we were given a page of a paper and need to find way to cut the paper into very big ring without breaking it so all team member could fit inside the paper ring. Team 3 became the first team suceeded. Wow, they made other teams amazed at how fast they crafted that big ring and put all member inside.

Those group games were so challenging and amusing. We always find something that made us laugh, like the team 1 who failed wearing the ninja mask because the sarung hooked onto the chin of one member for 2 rounds in a row. It was so funny that it was hard to stop laughing.

That day we learned not only about speed and time to compete with other teams, but also of how to manage winning the game with many people involved. In the end, all team, from first winner to the last, received a big box of snack to be enjoyed together.

We suggest you to try some of the group game on your own and see how fun it could be. Happy trying!