Play Saturday: A Laugh to Remember

Compared to the rest of the months, last June’s Play Saturday was a bit different. Most of the Indonesian team members have been fasting due to Ramadhan so the committee in charge for June, comprising of Yudha, Jerry and Varief, had to come up with a simpler activity that won’t be too physically or mentally draining for us.

That meant no sports fest. No summer outings. No crazy drama presentations.

Yet, that doesn’t mean no fun at all. Far from it, on the contrary.

We’ve decided to do an Anecdote battle. In this battle of laughs, we were divided into 6 teams.

The rules are simple: each member of the team goes to the battling table to compete against a member of another team. They both look at each other in the eye then take turns to say a funny statement.

Any team member who laughs while saying the statements or hearing them loses.

Now just imagine. Not everyone in the team is close to each other. So it can get really awkward to stare right in front of their noses as they utter a funny sentence while keeping a straight face the entire time!

And in the spirit of Ramadhan, we’ve also created healthy drinks which the team can enjoy after they break their fast later that evening. It’s part of the tradition to have sweet drinks to break the daily fasting.

Plastic cups, syrups, condensed milk, aloe vera, nata-de-coco, pudding, basil seeds, and the mother of refreshing drinks, fruits, were provided.





And whichever team with the most points awarded by the judge at the end of the battle got to choose the fruits for the sweet drinks.

To share the laughter and fun, check out some of the winning anecdotes: (warning: we’re about to reveal some of the sources where we get our wacky ideas at work)



This said by our very own Baymax in a serious face:

“I have proportional weight” (sure there’s not a fat chance it’s only proportional to your height?)




This said by a slender young designer who just joined our team:

“I don’t like going to the malls with automatic doors because they don’t slide open when I want to get through” (better not enter sideways! Or maybe have your Baymax buddy come along when shopping!)




This said by one of the designers who is known to be photogenic:

“When I am crying, I will look at a mirror to see how my face looks like and see it from different angle” (and that’s how we begin our day inspired!)