Play Saturday: Mission ISpossible

You might want to read the title once again. We’re not talking about another film sequel with Tom Cruise doing dangerous stuff for hours. What we have for this Play Saturday activity is something fun, exciting, and completely safe. A series of games called ‘Mission ISpossible’!

We warmed up with the first mission. During this mission, we did not need to do anything in groups. Each of us had to buy a gift for someone in the office with a maximum budget of IDR 10.000. After each of us drew a piece of paper with a name on it, we proceed to find a gift relevant for the person. We were allowed to go to any stores to get the gifts, as long as we came back before lunch. Some of us found it easy to get the gifts, but the others struggled to find the right gifts within the budget. The committee provided old newspapers to be used as wrapping paper. Everyone was also asked to write some a message for the receiver of the gift. The gifts were collected by the committee to be opened at the end of the day.


The gifts are ready.

After lunch, we proceeded to the second mission. This time, we played in groups. Four groups got to compete in this fierce game. This mission was divided into two quizzes. The first one was a simple Q&A about 24Slides trivia, and the second one was a ‘Guess the Words’ quiz where we played with tricky pictures. The game went wild as all the groups were so enthusiastic and competitive. Tricky questions and hilarious answers kept us laughing. We really kept the committee’s hands full. Group 2 won the game by getting most points from each part of quiz.


What a competitive game it was!

The last mission started immediately after the second mission. We went on a treasure hunt! Each group was handed different clues that would lead to another clue. The clues were planted in unknown locations in our building area. There were 11 clues in total, and each clue would lead to another clue. The last clue would lead us to the treasure. Using different strategies, we search the whole building. Some clues were located in unexpected places. Sometimes we needed to race our rivals to get to the clue’s locations faster. Finally, Group 2 stole the show again as one of its members, Fery, was the fastest to find the treasure.


Treasure hunt!

The missions had finished. The glorious Group 2 got the treasure as their reward, but they were not the only ones that get something to unwrap. The committee brought back the gifts from the first mission. Everyone unwrapped their own gifts and showed them. There were a lot of unique gifts such as watermelon and gasoline! The committee concluded the day once everyone had got their gifts.



It took Reno, Fierda, and Kemala as the masterminds of this Play Saturday two weeks to prepare the missions. They kept the missions secret until the day came to surprise us. They were glad that everyone in the team were attracted by the activities. “I’m so delighted that the activity was successfully executed and everyone got involved with enthusiasm”, said Reno.