From Tote Bag to ‘’Thought’’ Bag: Family Craft Play Saturday

Last month’s Play Saturday activity wasn’t just about ourselves, the team or our work. It was a special tribute for our families.

And why not? A quick survey done on a company gathering late 2015 revealed that within more than half of our team, family is the #1 motivation that keeps us going.

They’re the ones who inspire us to continuously improve and do our best so in turn, we can better take care of them, support them and provide them with nothing but the best.

Led by Habibi and Sheeta, we’ve organized this Play Saturday to freely design canvas tote bags with the goal of giving them to our loved ones afterwards. In this way, our simple tote bags have also been transformed as creative ‘’thought’’ bags.




If you’ve also always wanted to personally design your own tote bag and have been wondering how to get started, check out below our small workshop session demonstrating an easy stamping method:


creative totebag


All you need is to find interesting and unique patterns from simple, everyday items to use as prints for your tote bag.

For example, it could be the bottom of a plastic bottle. The marks left by the bottom part of a plastic bottle can be used to stamp flower petals. Depending on what effect you want to bring out, these can be arranged evenly or unevenly. They can be stamped all around to form the frame of your bag.


creative totebag


This stamp method can also serve to design the main area of the bag. To add color and life, try smudging them after.

If you want something more intricate and exquisite, try sewing patterns on your bag. They not only make your bag look attractive but also give it a delicate and sophisticated feel.


creative totebag


Alternatively, if you want to unleash the artist in you, try drawing directly on your tote bag. It can be something playful or cartoonish, artsy, abstract or whatever best represents the person who will use it.


creative totebag


Our Tote Bags and The Thoughts Behind Them



creative totebag

creative totebag


Once we’ve all finished applying our creativity in our tote bags, which though still empty, are now filled with love and fond thoughts to happily share with those who matter the most.