Starting a Career at 24Slides: How Fresh Graduates Grow and Contribute to the Company

This article was written by Himawan, Talent Development Manager, Indonesia, as part of 24Slides’ #StorytellerProgram

I started my journey at 24Slides more than five years ago. Throughout the years, I’ve met many people with different stories. Some of them even got their first job here. This time, I’d like to share how Reno and Hasnun feel about starting their career at 24Slides. 

Reno joined 24Slides officially in early 2013, but he was already a familiar face in the office as he worked as a freelancer in late 2012. He wasn’t really confident at first, particularly since he came from a vocational high school – where students learn about technicals most of the time and rarely go into abstract or conceptual aesthetics. “The designers at 24Slides were already fabulous at that time, so I was excited to get to take a step ahead, but at the same time, I was a bit shy to follow the steps of my colleagues”, Reno said. 

Today, Reno is one of our design managers, and he’s got significant growth over the years. In his first months at 24Slides, he spent most of his time covering technical works at the office. Compared to then, what he works on today is totally different despite the same challenging creative environment and demands. In this managerial role, Reno focuses on the design team instead of the work itself. To get to that point, he had to face many kinds of challenges. One of them was leading a three-member team through design projects that initially seemed impossible to him. “There are many methods that I’ve tried to apply, and I think those were just like playing logic inside my head,” he recalled.

What makes Reno stay is the warmth of the people and the working system with all its challenges. Another memorable moment was when he got the chance to work on a rebranding of a quite old company, which was a studio that had been his reference for a long time. He was so happy, as it felt like they were doing an indirect handshake. “There are many ways to keep growing in this company,” he added. He also believes that 24Slides has a nice working environment – a rare perk in the Malang region. 

Now let’s see what Hasnun says about her time at 24Slides. She joined us in early 2022 as a junior designer. This is her first job, and just like Reno, she joined us shortly after graduating from a vocational high school. “The working environment is really good and comfortable; the people here are all supportive and kind,” she recalls as her first impression of the company. She also said that she is absolutely happy, grateful, and thankful for the opportunity. 

Hasnun feels that the company supports its employees to keep growing. What she recognized the most was her improvement in keeping up with the latest design trends, working faster, and understanding composition, layout, etc. So far, she has experienced other activities by 24Slides as well, like the  24Walk and our Global Challenge. 

Regarding her career, Hasnun wants to keep improving so that she can contribute to the company’s growth. “Personally, I want to be able to learn new things,” she added. Furthermore, she wants to get even more bonded with people at 24Slides. 

From both Reno and Hasnun, we can see that starting your career at 24Slides is something fun, especially with our supportive working environment. “As the number of people increases, I think the challenge is maintaining good teamwork and relationships – be it between departments, teams, or individuals,” Reno said. He believes everyone should never stop growing and learning, so every collaboration can remain effective and efficient. “For 24Slides, I hope the company keeps growing and becomes more well-known – with more customers coming as well”, Hasnun added.