Giving Customers an Extra Boost: How Custom Presentation Support and Marketing Agencies Make the Dream Team

When customers come up to an agency, they often expect significant results! While they can be perfectly content with the outcome of their new brand image, they might still end up disappointed that their new visual guidelines don’t magically manifest in real life. 

Dozens of design agencies have approached us with a common complaint: their customers need help implementing their new brand into their presentations and documents. Still, they cannot keep up with the high fees that hiring an expert brand agency for every single slide would mean. 

Luckily, when talking about presentations, 24Slides has the perfect solution for both agencies and their customers: Our Projects and Rebranding services.  

By appointing a 24Slides Custom Project, agencies can offer their customers a more complete, well-rounded service while maintaining total control of their creative work. Think of it like a secondary team that manages all the everyday micro-lifting while agencies focus on the project's most strategic, creative part. 

24Slides online platform guarantees seamless work with some of the biggest agencies worldwide without fear of a data security breach and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Working with agencies, we’ve realized that there’s no one-size-fits-all, and that is precisely why custom projects are created to be flexible and designed around the needs of each customer, which makes it the most cost-effective solution in terms of efficiency and resources spent. You’ll get the perfect team to complete your project in precisely the timeline required without committing to a bigger designer team or a long-term subscription. 

Our team of almost 300 in-house presentation designers with 12 years of experience can tackle even the biggest and most complex projects. Agencies can rest assured that for even the most abrupt changes, we’ll be able to scale up your design team and fulfill your clients’ requests every time.

Our Projects and Rebranding services work under a short-term contract model, allowing agencies to avoid overhiring designers for specific projects while offering their clients a unique and more complete service that will get their new brand image ready to go. 

By letting us be part of their journeys, agencies get the perfect partner to up their game and bring a more significant value to their clients with little to no effort on their part. 

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