In October 2018, 24Slides became a Certified B Corporation which means we meet high standards of social and environmental impact, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Who we are?


We are the world’s largest presentation design company with over 200 team members across the globe

And we support thousands of companies and professionals each month, allowing them to give powerful on-brand presentations. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark, our development team is in Kyiv, Ukraine, and our design teams are based in Malang, Indonesia, and Lima, Peru.

From pharma to tech development to consultancy, our customers come from all around the globe and in every field

We create over 17,500 slides per month to help professionals save time and create impactful presentations that will make an enduring impression on their audience. Our satisfaction guarantee and security policies allow us to support some of the biggest companies in the world.

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Our story

💡 2010
💡 2010

He wanted to build a presentation design company that leaned on a better, fairer model of digital outsourcing. So, together with a graphic designer in Malang, Indonesia, the journey of 24Slides began. In just a short time the demand for beautiful design presentations grew and as a result so did the team of designers.

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Tobias Schelle

Our 100+ in-house graphic designers are dedicated to creating the best presentations available in the market. Whether it is sales presentations, infographics, or brand templates, our designers are committed to create outstanding, unique presentation slides that help our customers communicate in the most effective way possible. There’s no doubt that our success can be traced straight back to our extremely talented and dedicated coworkers.


Our Purpose


We exist to empower people in emerging markets

It has always been important for us at 24Slides to showcase the incredible talent and competitiveness of designers in emerging countries by giving them the tools to compete in the global market.

Our goal is to make the world smaller, one slide at a time, by creating a space for new talent to thrive and grow

We believe that by creating fairer, honest work opportunities that focus on the employees well-being and advancement, we can also deliver an outstanding product for our customers.

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Just in 2021 we saved our customers
around 37,000 work hours

We allowed them to focus on more important tasks while our terrific team of designers worked on their presentations.

The fact that we don’t use freelancers allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to work with dedicated teams that invest time and effort in learning about their needs and guidelines. We’re experts in the field and we’ve committed to adapting our services to our customers. After 10 years in business and over 20,000 first-rate reviews, we can confidently say that focusing on quality and our colleagues' well-being and growth has been an absolute success.


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24Slides empowers presenters and talents around the world

Together with 4000+ other companies worldwide, we have taken on the responsibility of continuously improving to reduce inequality, lower levels of poverty, build a healthier environment and create more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. By harnessing the power of business, we use the means to a greater end, making a positive impact in the world.A huge part of our DNA is empowering people and giving them the best possible conditions to grow, both personally and professionally. We are very proud of the positive impact we have accomplished and we are ambitious enough to promise that this is just the beginningLearn more how do we empower people in emerging markets
B Corporation Certified