Branding Implementation 101: How 24Slides’ Custom Presentation Services Help You Roll Out Your New Brand

After a rebranding, everything looks great: perfect new logo, amazing new brand visual identity, eye-catching new color palette. But now what? How do you bring brand guidelines into reality?

In our 10+ years of experience, enterprises from around the world face the same challenge after a rebranding project: implementing their new visual guidelines into the thousands of digital and physical brand collateral they need. 

Marketing teams, especially those from corporations with extensive customer-facing areas like consultancy or sales teams, will often end up overwhelmed when it comes to getting their documents and presentations up to date with the new branding. 

When facing this challenge, many enterprises opt to allow their own employees to update their documents, risking the quality and consistency of their new brand image. Or, to avoid this, other companies end up paying hefty sums for their branding agency to create new visual guidelines and implement them into their most important documents too. Either way, they are not making the most of their new fantastic brand guidelines! 

However, there's a secret third option that will help you to get every single one of your presentation slides in line while also spending the minimal amount of resources possible:

24Slides’ Projects and Rebranding services are the perfect way to get all your brand implementation done by a professional team of designers with only a fraction of the time or price it would cost you to do otherwise.

When getting your own custom project, you’ll get a dedicated team of designers who will invest in learning your brand guidelines, a project manager to ensure easy communication and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Upload your slides in bulk, sit back, and relax while all the work gets done and ready for you to review on our online platform with just a couple of clicks. It’s the perfect way to make the most of your new branding and enhance the capacity of your own team for a specific timeframe. 

These projects work on a short-term contract model that assures you you’ll get all your work done in the agreed timeline with the exact amount of resources needed, without any commitment or long-time subscription. And, if you ever want to scale up, our team of almost 300 in-house presentation designers will always be ready to fit your project’s needs!

This extensive team of designers allows 24Slides to work with some of the most prominent organizations across the globe. All the teams are made up of in-house designers under NDAs, and our SOC 2 certifications guarantee absolute, enterprise-level security to ensure data security. 

Whether for a rebranding, a company merge, or even a quick brand refresh, appointing a custom project is the easiest, most efficient way to get all your presentations and documents ready to go. 

From 200 to 10,000 slides or more, we can build the perfect solution for your organization. 

If you’re interested in rolling out your new look and feel and making the most out of your new brand image, you can book a call here.