Getting Ready for the New Semester: Custom Presentation Design Support for Academies, Universities, and Educational Institutions

Many universities and educational institutions often find themselves with a daunting task at the beginning of each semester: putting all their training materials and presentations for the upcoming classes in line. 

When talking to the people in charge of this task, what they had in common is that all of them discovered that their marketing departments, which were perfect for promotion and advertisement the rest of the year, often find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to supporting the ever-growing list of programs and courses occurring on a seasonal basis. 

And that’s precisely where 24Slides comes into play. 

24Slides’ Projects and Branding services allow universities and other educational institutions a quick and easy way to get all their materials ready to go at the beginning of each semester. 

When faced with the need to get the bulk of their materials in line, which can often amount to hundreds, if not thousands of slides, in-house marketing and instructional design teams from academic institutions across the globe, enhance the capacity of their own teams by plugging in dedicated design resources from 24Slides to help secure timely and on-brand delivery of their materials for the upcoming semester. 

Our team of almost 300 in-house presentation designers is prepared to tackle large projects in short periods of time. And, through our online platform, organizations can easily upload thousands of slides on the go, review the design in progress, and leave feedback with just a couple of clicks. 

However, the real game-changer for educational institutions that rely upon 24Slides is the flexibility to get short-term contracts matching their seasonal requirements: Universities can get all the perks of a long-term subscription package through our Projects and Rebranding services without committing to a monthly fee. 

Through a process of alignment, we determine the scope of the project and your key success metrics to create a custom package for you. A dedicated team of designers is then assigned to the project, who subsequently go through a brand training workshop to ensure the correct implementation of visual guidelines and any other specific needs pertaining to the project. All communication during the duration of the project is handled via an assigned dedicated project manager, ensuring a smooth end-to-end process.

According to our customers, delegating their presentation design to 24Slides can save them up to 37 minutes per slide!

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For those projects that are not only highly repetitive but also demand a high amount of attention and resources because of their scope, the Projects and Rebranding service is the perfect solution to get a high amount of clean and professional slides with as little hassle as possible. 

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