Cover slide for sales presentation ppt free download, with title and company logo.
Overview slide for sales report with image and space for text.
Slide about the last period featuring bullet points of text and a bar chart for data.
Sales Presentation Template Overview slide with a line chart.
Brief executive summary of the sales report, including main ideas and image.
Cover image for the general results section of the report.
Data visualization section of the sales report showcasing various graphs and charts presenting different data insights
Sales report template ppt free featuring a chart with percentage values.
Sales report slide featuring a bar chart with percentage values.
Sales by month section displaying scatter graphs and line graphs for three different products, showcasing monthly sales trends.
Sales by month chart depicting yearly sales report.
Infographics-style chart depicting sales by month with accompanying percentage values.
Pie chart illustrating the remaining budget allocation in the sales report.
Achievements slide showcasing key accomplishments and milestones in the sales report presentation.
Slide outlining next steps with bullet points and image for future planning.
Summary slide in the sales presentation template with the main idea and an accompanying graph for a concise overview
Cover slide for sales presentation ppt free download, with title and company logo.

Corporate Sales Report PowerPoint Template

Number of slides: 16

The actual sales of a company show how good its business operations are. The business environment is highly competitive and therefore, having comprehensible sales statistics is of utmost importance. By using this sales report template you can properly keep track of your company’s cash inflows. It will help you make the whole process less time-consuming and less demanding. It includes sales bar charts, sales data visualization sections and yearly sales report slides.

Sales Report Presentation Template

Sales report Vertical Bar Chart Slide

If you want to compare different data sets regarding your company’s sales, then the group vertical bar chart is the right choice. This chart will give you information on each item included in the set instead of just one. It is ideal if you want to present sales figures generated from different products over the course of each month of last year. The style can be easily edited to fit your aesthetic needs and data sets.

Sales report Marketing Funnel Slide

The marketing funnel is an important component of the business’s operations. It enables you to visualize the buyer’s journey as they become familiar with your company. The traditional marketing funnel requires you to constantly fill the top of the funnel with as many customers as possible. The bottom then features only a small number of people. The five stages of the marketing funnel are awareness, engagement, discovery, purchase, and retention.

Sales report Sales Associate Slide

In order for the sales to be successful, you need a highly skilled and trustworthy sales associate. They are in charge of helping customers in their purchasing choice and enhancing the whole purchasing process. They are also in charge of the cash registers by keeping track of the money inside. Be sure to mention your most successful sales associate and to praise them for their loyalty. A happy employee will keep the customers happy.

Comprehensible sales statistics in a highly competitive environment

With the proper use of the template you can successfully keep a track of the company’s overall cash flows.

Creative approach to the marketing funnel and its five stages

The audience can get a better picture of the buyer’s journey and will become more involved in the company’s overall performance.

Plenty of space to introduce your most valuable sales associates to the audience

The sales associates are the life of the company, so make sure to praise them properly.

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