A year in review at 24Slides

2021 has been a unique year, and we’re proud to say that we’ve risen up to the challenges. From managing the still-present effects of COVID-19 to our team growth to the number of businesses serviced to volunteer work, we can confidently say that 24Slides has made the absolute most of this passing year. 

For starters, our Indonesia, Denmark, Peru, and Ukraine offices have all grown. Not only is it exciting to have new colleagues to work with, but it’s also a great sign of how much business growth there has been during the year. Just in revenue, 24Slides has grown by 41%

This has granted 24Slides another Gazelle Award. It’s the third time the company wins this prestigious award, given by the Borsen Business newspaper to Danish businesses that have managed high standards of growth. Of course, this would have been impossible to achieve without all the hard work and dedication of all our coworkers that are driven every day to achieve high-quality results. 

However, it’s important for us to remember that business growth means very little if it’s done at the expense of our employees. 24Slides prides itself on being a socially responsible company. Our main goal is to empower people in emerging markets by giving them the tools to compete on a global scale. Experience has shown us that there is amazing talent all over the world and it’s only a matter of harnessing it and giving people spaces to grow and develop their skills. 

As such, it’s an important achievement for us that in 2021 we were able to improve our Certified B Corporation score to 82,8. We’re proud to be part of this select group of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

To make sure we’re able to focus on this social responsibility aspect we’ve worked very hard to define what is 24Slides’ DNA, and what objectives we can set for the future. We’ve defined our core values and aligned our enterprises to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make sure we always know where our north is: in creating a positive impact in the world. 

Thus, 2021 has also been a year for giving back. All our offices have had amazing initiatives to support our communities. Donating laptops and desktops to help students and second-hand office equipment, English courses, enabling our offices as Covid-19 testing facilities; these are all just a small part of all the amazing initiatives that have come from our 24Slides colleagues. 

And of course, as the finishing touch of the year, our Christmas campaign supported a disabled children’s school (Indonesia), orphanages (Peru and Ukraine), and clothes for the homeless (Denmark). We’re so proud of all the incredible work our coworkers have done for their communities, and we’re sure this is just the tip of the iceberg! Seeing all the amazing initiatives born from our colleagues, this year we also launched the 24Volunteer program, which will help more people bring to the table more volunteering opportunities and give them all the 24Slides backup. 

Taking care of our communities is important, but equally so it is important to take care of each other as colleagues. 24Slides is intent on helping its employees develop both personally and professionally. Taking care of our well-being is one of the most important guiding principles, and we think that this year has reflected that. Over 80 coworkers have enrolled in 24Academy, our platform to enrich and empower our talents. Not only that, initiatives like free psychological sessions and our Loan Emergency program have been a crucial part of showing how much we care about the people that make up the 24Slides family. 

Despite not being able to be physically together, 2021 has made us exercise our creativity and work on new ways to feel connected with each other. Our Global Challenge is a great example of that. Throughout our 4 offices, our colleagues got together for a good cause: walk, run, or bike 60km in a week. For every employee that joined the challenge, 24Slides donated emergency food packages to Chicuchas Wasi, a primary school for girls in Peru. We were able to connect with each other by sharing a common experience, while also making a positive impact and helping others. 

In short, 2021 has been a year filled with challenges and growth. We’re so proud of everything we’ve achieved, and we’re sure that despite how far we’ve come, this is only the beginning. Each of the over 200,000 slides produced this year has behind all the effort and skills of an amazing group of ambitious professionals that are passionate about what they do. 

We look forward to whatever 2022 has to bring!