Anggi’s Employee Story: former intern, now CS

At 24Slides, we’re committed to providing our team with incredible growth opportunities – even before they officially join us! Today, we want to introduce Anggi Fitria from Indonesia. She was part of our Internship Development Program and gained new experiences and skills she says she couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. This is her story:

Back in 2018, Anggi was studying for a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and to complete her major she needed to enroll in an internship program. She already had some work experience as a part-time English tutor for young students and had helped several Indonesian coffee shops with their social media. However, this time Anggi wanted to apply and develop her English skills in real working situations.

With that goal in mind, she checked with translation agencies, government and embassy offices, but “none of them would provide enough information about the availability of an internship program, and their staff rarely used English in their daily conversation,” Anggi recalls. On top of that, most places only accepted master’s degree students, which further narrowed her options.

Luckily, she came across the 24Slides internship program ad through a Whatsapp group she was in with other students from her university. And after some meticulous research, Anggi concluded that 24Slides – with thousands of customers worldwide – could be the place she needed to improve her skills with native English speakers.

That’s how in June 2018, she started in our internship program, and during the following three months, she had the opportunity to support in two key roles that gave her valuable hands-on training:

Helping in customer support was a really memorable yet challenging experience. I needed to address customers’ needs such as delivery times for their orders, solving complaints, explaining the 24Slides’ products, and many others. Then, helping the Project Manager was another whole experience. I was required to make sure all orders were ready to be worked on by the designers, double-check the content, the fonts, and ensure the team had properly understood the feedback”, Anggi shares.

But she didn’t have to go through all this alone, Reza and Sheeta were Anggi’s mentors during the program, and she took every opportunity to learn from them. “Reza taught me to be cheerful and enjoy every task while Sheeta taught me to be on time, careful, and thorough on any order I was handling,” she dearly recalls.

By the time the internship ended, Anggi had gained critical skills such as time and task management. She also broadened her English vocabulary and cultural knowledge, which was one of the main reasons she had chosen us in the first place! 

But the biggest lesson she learned was about the importance of teamwork. In her words: “Back then, it was difficult for me to work with a team since I was used to working as a one-man-army. The program really helped me build trust and confidence to communicate better with others […] Even though I was still an intern, I felt like part of the team already. The people didn’t treat me as an outsider. Instead, they were very open and willing to assist me if I had a problem or questions. I could join their regular events like Junk Food day, Sports day, or Play Saturday, and I got to try all the office facilities. I don’t think I could have gotten that experience in any other company.

Stories like this encourage us to keep investing in the social and professional development of talents in Indonesia. Among other initiatives, our internship program gets most of the attention because it allows highly motivated students to experience work conditions in a multinational company, expand their skills, and even be recruited before graduation.

And in case you’re wondering: Yes, we’re proud to confirm that Anggi smoothly transitioned from her internship to a full-time position in our customer support team. Way to go, Anggi!

We can’t wait to see who joins us next. Stay tuned for more employee stories!