In October 2018, 24Slides became a Certified B Corporation which means we meet high standards of social and environmental impact, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Experience better company wide people productivity with our enterprise solution

Focus on the work you were hired to do, and let us do the rest

Deliver time to your people

Increase your company's productivity

Built to work in large organisations

How much is PowerPoint really costing your organization?

PowerPoint cost calculator

Number of employees working with presentations

Add the number of employees within your organization that create or modify presentations

Presentations created each month per person

Add the average number of presentations each employee creates or modifies each month. The average for our clients is 2 presentations per month, with 10 slides each that need design.

Average annual
salary in USD

Add the average salary for employees in your organization that work with presentations. The default value is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for workers in professional, management, and related occupations.

Hours saved across your organization each month

This figure is based on an average of 37 minutes saved per slide submitted to 24Slides. We came to this number after polling thousands of our customers.


Costs saved across your organization each month

This figure is based on 50 working weeks of 38 hours per year.


Deliver time to your people

Increase your company's productivity

Built to work in large organisations

Surveying over 9,000 of our customers, we made some striking discoveries on the true cost of PowerPoint for an organization.


of working hours

on average, across all industries, are used to design PowerPoints


of respondents

feeling it is not a good use of their time


of executives

reported spending five hours or more each week making PowerPoint slides

Help your team focus on the most valuable work with our Enterprise Solution. It is a custom solution created for your company, to provide easy and secure access for everyone

  • Chemicals

    “The partnership with 24Slides has allowed us to scale our marketing operations with quality and efficiency. The service we receive is extremely responsive, tailored to our needs, and allows us to smoothly manage workload fluctuation throughout projects. Exactly what we need!”

  • Consulting

    “24Slides has been a game changer for us. Our team would spend countless hours on PowerPoint slides. Now, we give a general concept of what we want and send it off to them. Every time – seriously, every time, I am blown away by what they produce.”

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

    “Our stakeholders appreciate not having the pressure to design PowerPoints. Projects are turned around in 24 hours and the work is beautifully designed. Our partnership with 24Slides has been a real game-changer.”

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Here is how it will work for your people

Placing orders with customized form

We customize our regular order form to keep only what your colleagues need.

For example, our designers will be trained in your company/brand guidelines and they will be displayed on the order form ‘Style’ step.
Customize Form

Faster & smarter process with our online platform

Forget endless emails back and forward, our state-of-the-art online platform is intuitive and powerful.

Better yet, we can customize it to fit seamlessly into your intranet, set up SSO and much more.
Review Phase

Flexible payment
for your people

Your people may have a personal or team account and pay accordingly: for personal usage or for the whole team

We’re used to working with large organizations

That means we understand the processes and requirements around security, legal and procurement. Meaning less time and stress for you.


We ensure your security

At 24Slides, we use a host of security measures to safeguard your data.
From secure infrastructure and data encryption to regular vulnerability management and
employee training, we’ve got you covered.

ISO27001 Information security management

Digital Ocean

Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2)

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Read our policy

Deeply managed physical infrastructure

Using tools from providers with strong sustainability and security practices matters to us. That’s why we host our application on Digital Ocean Cloud, which is known for its US data centers, scalability, secure facilities and sustainable servers

From data encryption to limited access and processing

All communications between your web browser and our software and between our application’s front end, back end and database are encrypted using a transport layer security (TLS) protocol. By default, Google Cloud encrypts all data at rest.

Strict NDAs, ongoing trainings and certifications

We only use in-house employees
Our employees can access your data only on a need-to-know basis, after signing a non-disclosure agreement. They systematically lose access to it if they leave the company. Users you’ve approved can access our cloud-based application through a web browser.
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Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered

Customers in





hours per day


offices worldwide


professional designers


slides designed last month

Our offices

Partner with a socially conscious business

At 24Slides our mission is to showcase the incredible talent of professionals in emerging countries by giving them the tools to compete in the global market. But it’s not just about providing exceptional design services at affordable prices.

It’s about building a better,fairer

model of digital outsourcing.

Whether it’s our custom-built office with free healthy lunches, a giant slide and sleeping pods, or our development courses covering language, entrepreneurship and much more, we’re committed to investing in the social and professional development of our teams in Indonesia, Ukraine and Peru.Because ultimately, our mission is to redefine the idea of outsourcing in the global market and create a brighter future for all talent in emerging countries.Curious about our initiatives? Read more about it here:
B Corporation Certified