Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Templates

The blue ocean strategy is all about making the competition irrelevant. Honing in on the finer details of this strategy isn’t easy though. It requires tons of creativity and out of the box thinking. To help you focus all your energy on crafting the perfect blue ocean strategy for your business, we’ve linked to a number of blue ocean strategy PowerPoint templates that you can download right away!

What Is The Blue Ocean Strategy?

guy looking out into the vast blue ocean (blue ocean strategy)
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The blue ocean strategy is not for the fainthearted. The work and analysis you need to do upfront aren’t going to be simple. The rewards, however, will be more than worth it.

Imagine running a business with literally zero competition. You’ll be at the forefront of your industry, and you can conquer the world if you so choose. This is what the blue ocean strategy is all about!

The blue ocean strategy is not the same as ‘niching down.’ It’s quite the opposite, in fact. When you niche down, you’re limiting yourself to a subset of your industry’s known market space. But with the blue ocean strategy, you’re creating that market space. You’re laying the groundwork for a new market that has never been tapped before.

Implementing the blue ocean strategy is, simply put, a gargantuan task. But many companies have done their homework and succeeded thanks to this strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy vs. Red Ocean Strategy

The value of having a blue ocean strategy is better understood when compared to a red ocean strategy. Here’s a neat little summary for each strategy:

Red Ocean

  • Competing in the red ocean means aiming to beat your competition
  • There are tons of competition in the existing market space
  • It’s a shark-eat-shark world out there
  • Limited growth only

Blue Ocean

  • Pioneer a product or service in uncontested market space
  • You’re at the forefront – you’ve got no competition (yet)
  • You create and capture the demand for your brand
  • Unlimited potential for growth

Which strategy would you rather employ? The red ocean strategy where your chances of success depend on beating your competition? Or the blue ocean strategy where you literally have no competition? I know you’d choose the blue ocean strategy!

Blue Ocean Strategy Principles

According to the authors themselves, W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne, the blue ocean strategy has 8 core principles:

  1. It’s grounded in data
  2. The strategy pursues differentiation and low cost
  3. It creates uncontested market space
  4. It empowers you through tools and frameworks
  5. Another principle is it provides a step-by-step process
  6. It maximizes opportunity while minimizing risk
  7. It builds execution into strategy
  8. Lastly, the blue ocean strategy shows you how to create a win-win outcome

Applying these core principles into your strategy will guide you in creating the right blue ocean strategy for your business.

Blue Ocean Strategy Examples

Here are a couple of examples of companies who’ve successfully implemented the blue ocean strategy to grow their business:

  • Cirque du Soleil. The circus industry is no longer as popular as it once was. The traditional circus catered to kids. But nowadays, there are literally tons of entertainment options kids can choose from (video games, anyone?). However, Cirque du Soleil reinvented the circus and gave it a new, exciting format. Now, both kids and adults can enjoy the circus and experience first-class entertainment!
  • Southwest Airlines. Instead of competing with other airlines, Southwest employed the blue ocean strategy by positioning itself as a competitor to land-based travel. Now, people who avoided flying (and preferred driving or riding the bus) due to expensive plane tickets could finally fly on the cheap and get to their destinations quickly.

Implementing The Blue Ocean Strategy

To implement this strategy, you will need to follow the Four Actions Framework so you can define a new value curve for your business. The framework requires you to answer these key questions:

  • Raise: Which factors should be raised well above the industry’s standard?
  • Reduce: Which factors should be reduced well below the industry’s standard?
  • Eliminate: Which factors that the industry has long competed on should be eliminated?
  • Create: Which factors should be created that the industry has never offered?

When these four questions are answered, you will then be able to come up with a new value curve to unlock your company’s very own blue ocean!

Free Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Templates

Now that you’ve done the hard work of identifying your blue ocean strategy, it’s time to present it to top management. To make your life easier, you can download these free templates that have been made especially for blue ocean strategy presentations.

  1. 24Slides’ Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template
a screenshot of 24Slides’ Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template
another slide of 24Slides’ Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template

This 9-slide template will allow you to present your blue ocean strategy in a professionally designed slides. There’s one slide for each action of the Four Actions Framework. This will make it easy for your audience to follow and understand the specifics of your proposed blue ocean strategy.

  1. Slide Hunter’s Blue Ocean Strategy PPT Template
Slide Hunter's Blue Ocean Strategy PPT Template

If your presentation includes a comparison between the red ocean and blue ocean strategies, then you can check out this free template from Slide Hunter.

Exporting Your Blue Ocean Strategy Slides To PDF

There may be times when your audience will ask you to email them a copy of your blue ocean strategy presentation. You can, of course, email the entire PowerPoint file. However, there’s always the possibility that your recipients may not have the right version of PowerPoint and thus your slides may appear differently on their screens.

So, the best course of action would be to just export the file to PDF. This way your presentation’s formatting and layout will be preserved. Microsoft has a detailed tutorial on their site so go check it out here if you want to know how to export your presentation!

Final Words

You don’t need to complicate your blue ocean strategy presentation. With the use of a PowerPoint template like our blue ocean strategy template, you won’t be wasting hours of your time designing your slides. You can use that time instead to focus on making sure your presentation is awesome and convince your audience to apply your strategy!

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