5 ways you can modernize your PowerPoint presentation design

Just because your company is 100 years old, it doesn’t mean that your presentations have to look like they were designed in the previous century. Human creations reflect the time period in which they are created. The movie Dog Day Afternoon, for example, reflects the cultural and political norms and tendencies of the 70s, the same way Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome reflected the cultural and political norms and tendencies during the Italian Renaissance. Don’t let your audience think that you’re living in the past. Make sure to modernize your PowerPoint presentation design to reflect the present-day and your company’s current business outlook.

5 ways you can give your PowerPoint presentation a modern look

1. Start with the title slide

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If modernizing your company’s PowerPoint presentation design template is biting more than you can chew, start simple and begin with the title slide. Let’s face it, contrary to what we were told growing up, we all judge the book by its cover.

Your title slide is the cover of your book and your PowerPoint presentation design has the power to determine whether your audience pays attention beyond the first page. Check out our SlideShare on how to create a powerful title slide.

2. Go flat!

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Outdated icons are a telltale sign that your design is outdated. You don’t have to go to great lengths to modernize your PowerPoint presentation design, a simple change in your iconography could do wonders.

In fact, arguably one of the most memorable updates of the iOS was in 2013, where Apple ditched the old skeuomorphic design of its iconography and changed it to a minimal, flat design. Google followed suit quickly after, officially marking the death of skeuomorphic iconography and the rise of flat design.

3. Less is more

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Over the past decade, minimalism has risen to become a religion of its own. As the death of skeuomorphic iconography subtly announced, it has officially infiltrated the world of design. This means that less is more. Bid farewell to unnecessary details and over-the-top design. As far as PowerPoint presentation design goes, think more white space, less words, less clutter.

Before the rest of the world started decluttering all aspects of their lives — from their bedrooms to their organic diets, Scandinavians have always been the champions of minimalism. Click here to learn how to use Scandinavian minimalism to modernize your PowerPoint presentation design.

4. A picture paints a thousand words

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If you can’t say it, show it. Pictures remain the most effective all communication devices. They express what cannot be expressed through words and they know (almost) no language barriers. They could serve the same purpose in your presentation.

If you want to use pictures to modernize your PowerPoint presentation design, make sure that they don’t distract reader from the content. You can achieve this by lightening the picture, using a gradient on top of it or using a text box to contain your text and separate it from the picture.

5. Typography matters

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Typography is the suit your text decides to wear to a meeting. If showed up to a meeting wearing your pajamas, do you think stakeholders will take you seriously? Similarly, if you use Comic Sans Ms in your presentation, do you think your audience will believe what you’re saying? Typography matters in building brands because it is everywhere. It is a simple way to modernize your PowerPoint presentation design. Similar to the transition from skeuomorph to flat design, go minimalist and opt for a Sans Serif.