20+ PowerPoint Templates for Teaching that are Ideal for Distance Learning

Distance learning can be a pretty daunting task, for both students and teachers alike. Especially in the case of abrupt changes, such as the one we-re living today thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Many people have found themselves suddenly having to change the way they usually work. And while videoconferences are a great option for giving lectures, sometimes you also need to show other types of content. Here at 24Slides, our designers have done their best to try and help all those going through the challenges of distance education. These distance learning resources and PowerPoint templates for teaching will hopefully help you face this challenge with a little more ease.

School-themed PowerPoint templates for teachers

A great feature from videoconferences is the “share screen” option. This allows you to show your students audiovisual content while making sure you’re all on the same page. You can even edit a document in real-time. PowerPoint is a great option for replacing your classic classroom board when doing video conferences. A what better for this than school-themed resources? Take distance education one step ahead with these PowerPoint templates specially designed for teaching.

School Themed PowerPoint Template

school powerpoint template for teaching

Those people looking for PowerPoint templates for teaching will definitely find some use for this one. It is exactly what its name says: a school-themed PowerPoint. Its 10 slides have cool designs that will help you retain your audience’s attention. It has slides for planning ahead, reviewing your experiences, and presenting your team. But all of them are easy editable for you to use them as you see fit and improve the learning experience.

Parenting PowerPoint Presentation

kids powerpoint template for teaching

When looking for distance learning templates, this one is probably one of the best you’ll find. It has a kid design, with bright colors and a playful layout. All its slides have customized illustrations based on the kids’ learning experiences. If you need a PowerPoint template for teaching what activities kids should work in their houses or how parents can help distance education, this PowerPoint template is the one for you!

The Human Brain Presentation Template

brain powerpoint template for teaching distance learning

While this one was originally though for business presentation, it’s also a great PowerPoint template for teaching. The brain is the incredibly central processor of our body, where all the ideas come from. So what a better theme for a PowerPoint template on education?

Fun Quiz PowerPoint Template

quiz powerpoint template for teachers

Let’s be honest: distance education can be very dull and boring. That’s why is very important to make it more entertaining and engaging. This PowerPoint template can help you give a more playful approach to online classes. Its quiz design is based on contest games, so it’ll allow you to see how much your class has understood while still making it fun.

Academic Presentation PowerPoint Template

academic powerpoint template distance learning

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, this PowerPoint template will help you tackle distance education challenges. It has both text slides and graphs and diagrams, so you can present all your information. Every slide has customized icons regarding the topic of education. It’s really the perfect PowerPoint template for distance education!

Science, Math, and Environment PowerPoint Templates for teachers

Science and Math are probably one of the most difficult topics for distance learning. They usually need to show examples and formulas as part of their usual explanations. Just talking is probably not the best way to teach one of these. In these cases, visual aids are a must. PowerPoint is the software to go to for showing visual aids, so why not use it to complement your distance education program? Any of these PowerPoint templates will do wonders for teaching science topics.

Physical Science PowerPoint Template

physics science powerpoint template for teaching

Personally, physics was always one of the classes I found most difficult. Physics demands a lot of information and a lot of attention to detail. That’s why this PowerPoint template is so useful for teaching science. Its bright and colorful design is perfect for keeping your audience engaged in the topic while still making it entertaining.

Space Science Slides Templates

space science powerpoint template

If you’re having to use distance education for space science topics, this template’s amazing design will take your classes to the next level. Its slides are filled with customized illustrations that will give your classes a fun touch.

If you’re not feeling this template’s design, you might want to check out the Galaxy Themed and the Solar System presentations. These have a more serious take on the topic, but they’re still great PowerPoint templates for teaching about outer space!

Science Lab PowerPoint Template

science distance learning powerpoint template

All those having distance education on science and chemistry might want to consider adding this PowerPoint template to their classes. It has science-related icons and photographs that will help you bring out your information. It is a great PowerPoint for teaching because it’s sober enough not to distract while still being colorful and eye-catching.

Cool Math Lesson Template

math powerpoint template for teachers

Math is probably not the most popular school subject. But it is incredibly important for kids all ages. Hopefully, this PowerPoint template will help you make math classes at least a little bit more interesting. Showing examples on how to work out math problems is very important for kids to be able to understand. And that’s precisely why PowerPoint is such a great ally for distance learning!

Playful Environmental Slides Deck Template

environmental powerpoint template distance learning

The environment is one of the topics that has gained a lot of attention in the last years. This template is a beautiful way to present environment-related issues. It’s playful illustrations and icons will make for a really unique presentation!

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template for teaching about the environment, but the design isn’t working for you, don’t worry! This Environment Deck PowerPoint Template is a more serious, sober, data-based versión of the same topic. And if you’re looking for something more serious but still creative, you might want to check out our Minimalist Environmental Presentation Template.

Biology PowerPoint Template

biology powerpoint template for teachers

Since physics and chemistry are already covered, this PowerPoint template tackles the topic of biology.  If you’re looking for distance learning resources for your science class, its blue and yellow design will definitely make for a more visually striking presentation.

Playful PowerPoint Templates for Distance Learning

A boring, all-white PowerPoint is one of the easiest way ts to lose your audience’s attention. You can always share your screen and show your class a Google Document, or even a PDF. But one of the main challenges of distance education is to keep your audience engaged. There are so many distractions around the house, having eye-catching resources can make all the difference.

Comic Book Themed PowerPoint Template

comic book design powerpoint template

This presentations unique design will help you turn any topic into an adventure. It’s colorful design will be specially appealing for younger audiences. The speech bubble design in the slides gives you unlimited options for a playful, nono-convetional layout!

Puzzle Presentation Template

puzzle distance learning template

Puzzles are a great metaphor for finding answers, working on solutions, and using logic. But puzzles are also a great, entertaining way to pass time. That’s why this PowerPoint template’s design is perfect for teaching.

Creative Chalkboard Template

chalckboard powerpoint template for teaching

Chalkboards are one of the most traditional things that we think of when thinking about a classroom. If you want to offer your class the reassurance of “normality” while they’re getting used to distance education, this PowerPoint template is a great option for teachers.  It includes maps, graphs, and diagrams, so it’s perfect for almost any topic.

Fun Superheroes Story PowerPoint Template

superheroes powerpoint template for teachers

Superheroes are a great way to start talking about strength, bravery, and ethics. This presentation uses superhero imaginary in every slide to make for a unique and playful design.  Your imagination is the limit for using this PowerPoint template for teaching!.

Playful Puzzle PowerPoint Template

puzzle powerpoint template for teachers

If you find the last puzzle-themed PowerPoint template to childish or too unprofessional, you might want to give this one a look. It follows the same great puzzle theme, but with a different visual style. It includes graphs, charts, and maps for an incredibly complete presentation.

Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

chalckboard powerpoint template for teachers

And finally, we have another Chalkboard PowerPoint template for teaching. This one has more realistic illustrations while still maintaining the school chalkboard theme. Mix the best of both traditional and modern teaching media with this unique presentation design!

Other Distance Learning PowerPoint Resources

Are these PowerPoint presentation templates not what you were looking for? In the Templates by 24Slides platform, you’ll find hundreds of other presentations. PowerPoint is an incredibly versatile tool for visual aids. It’s definitely worth exploring the options it offers for distance education.

Even if you feel like you don’t really find the correct template for you, you can always customize your own presentation! It might sound daunting, but it’s actually pretty easy. In Templates by 24Slides, you’ll also find a lot of free resources. You can use them to make your own presentation, add them to any other template you lied, or even just use them on their own.


Icons are a great option for turning a plain presentation into an extraordinary one. They offer you a quick option for customizing your presentations and giving them cohesion. and making your slides more memorable. If you’re looking for teaching resources, you might want to take a look at the Basic Icons PowerPoint Template.

distance learning powerpoint resources icons

Another great option is the Strategy Presentation Icons pack. Even if it’s originally thought for business, it offers ya lot of options that can also be useful for education. And if you’re looking for something more specific, the Science Icon Template Pack might be the one for you.


Geography, history, literature… there are many classes that could benefit from the visual aid of a map. While you can always download an image of the map you’re looking for, the advantage of PowerPoint maps is that they’re easily editable, and you can add and edit any information you think useful.

distance learning powerpoint resources maps

Graphs and diagrams

Of course, PowerPoint offers a wide variety of options for presenting data too. Venn diagrams, pyramids, charts, spider charts, matrix, circle diagrams, linear diagrams, bar graphs… You can use the search bar in Templates by 24Slides too look for the graph or diagrams that fits better your needs! They’re all easily editable, and you can even add them to other presentations. If you want to use PowerPoint templates for teaching is all about using your imagination!

distance learning powerpoint resources diagrams