Red PowerPoint Templates to step up your presentation

Red is the color of passion, vitality, and in some countries, even good luck. It is a color that instantly catches the attention of the human eye, so why not take advantage of it? These 13 free Red PowerPoint templates will help you take your presentation from good to outstanding.

Red Business PowerPoint Templates

Milestone Roadmap PowerPoint Template

red milestone roadmap PowerPoint Template

In order to evaluate your progress, it’s important that you set measurable and practical goals that you can track. This red PowerPoint template will help you showcase whatever milestone you think reflects best that you’re on your way of achieving your goals. You can even use it in retrospective to show your team how far you’ve gone. Or to show clients all of your company’s achievements. Its design with details in different shades of red will help you highlight your presentation’s key ideas.

Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template

red scorecard PowerPoint Template

Just like the previous one, this red PowerPoint template is an excellent tool for managing your performance. Most of its slides are data-focused, so you’ll find several options for graphs and charts to evaluate how close to your goals you are. Its design has the perfect balance with bright red and midnight blue tones that will give you both vitality and professionalism in your presentation.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) PowerPoint Template

ico initial coin offering free PowerPoint Template

Presenting your start-up proposal with clarity is essential for gaining investors. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) presentation will help you showcase what kind of cryptocurrency you will offer and what return they can expect. This red PowerPoint template has graphs and charts that will help you show your complete proposal and cryptocurrency trends, so your audience understands how solid your project is.

Business Case Study Template

red Business case PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for showcasing a project or business, then this is the presentation for you! For clients that might be experiencing similar situations, showing your experience and resources is a big plus. You can also use this amazing presentation to recap a specific project or business case in order to learn more and improve from it. This red PowerPoint template has all the tools you need to give a complete overview of your project!

Corporate Succession Planning PowerPoint Template

red succession planning PowerPoint Template

In order to keep growing, identifying and enhancing potential in the employees is a must. Succession planning is a way of managing talent inside a company to help it keep improving. Communication and transparency in the process will assure success in your team, and this presentation is ideal for this! It offers different layouts so you can be sure you’ll find something that fits your needs. And its cerulean blue and crimson red design will help you keep your audience’s attention through it all.

Creative Competitor Analysis Template

competitor analysis PowerPoint Template

Just like the last one, this red-and-blue PowerPoint template’s design is both eye-catching and professional. It will help you run your audience through your competitor analysis. Knowing who your competitors are and what they’re offering can be an incredible headstart when working on your business. This template has all the tools you need to do a complete analysis of your market, including a SWOT template and a bar graph.

Sales Flow Presentation Template

red sales flow PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template minipack only has 3 slides, but they’re so good they had to be included in this list! Especially this bright red Sales flow chart. The circle diagram will allow you to communicate clearly each step of the process, and its red design will definitely make your presentation stand out.

Red Themed PowerPoint Templates

China Market Presentation

China free PowerPoint Template

In many countries of Asia, the color red signifies good luck and prosperity. So what better color to make a presentation about China? This wine-red PowerPoint template is the perfect fit if your planning on entering the Chinese market. It has slides that will allow you to make an introduction to this country’s culture and history, including a map slide. But it also includes more business-related slides like a bar graph and a timeline slide.

Creative Chinese Presentation

chinese free PowerPoint Template

If the last one was too serious and business-like, then you might want to check out this creative Chinese presentation! This PowerPoint template keeps the red design but mixes it with a much more relaxed layout. It still includes graphs and charts in case you are doing a business-related presentation.

Creative First Aid Template

first aid free PowerPoint Template

Red is usually associated with blood and vitality, so its a perfect fit for a PowerPoint presentation on health. This red PowerPoint template focuses on First Aid, and its has everything you could need for training your audience. Its 10 slides will help you pass on information that could save a life in case of an emergency.

Creative Superhero PowerPoint Template

superhero PowerPoint Template

Unleash your creativity with this superhero presentation! You can use it to highlight what abilities and talents are needed in your team or to showcase outstanding employees that had been essential for your business. This red PowerPoint template is the perfect resource for a fun, playful presentation, and the color palette will bring out your message even more.

Red Icons and Resources PowerPoint Templates

Management Human Resource Icons

Human Resources PowerPoint free icons

Icons are a great resource for customizing a presentation. They can highlight key ideas, point out different topics, or even just be used as bullet points. These red icons will be the perfect fit for any Human Resources presentation.

Calendar Icons Template Pack

red Calendar PowerPoint Template

While this red PowerPoint template says “icon pack”, it is way more than that. Its 9 slides give you a complete set of resources for setting your agenda or business calendar. It includes icons, but also event slides, monthly slides, and weekly timelines. Whether you’re trying to give a reminder of the upcoming weeks or a complete monthly calendar, this PowerPoint template will have useful resources for you.

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