In October 2018, 24Slides became a Certified B Corporation which means we meet high standards of social and environmental impact, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Our story

In 2010 Tobias Schelle, our founder and CEO, had a mission to build a presentation design company
that leaned on a better, fairer model of digital outsourcing. 24Slides now consists of offices in
5 different countries and over 200 employees
🚩 2022

First steps into America

Thanks to our steady growth, 24Slides expands into a new location — this time to sunny Florida! Our Head of Sales, Robert, leads our brand new branch office. This allows us to be closer to our customers and to better tackle their needs in our journey to constantly improve our services.
🚩 2020

Adapting and thriving

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us, but thanks to the support of our customers, we’ve seen a lot of success.We’ve increased our headcount by more than 10%. And our Danish team has moved into a new office along Copenhagen’s harbor - with room to grow.

Full enterprise support

2020 has also seen us expand our services to support large enterprises.After a few successful pilots we now have the ability to provide design resources across an entire company, regardless of size or location. From establishing a Master Services Agreement, integrating with your intranet through SSO, supporting billing split among unlimited numbers of teams and much more, we've made it as seamless for any organization to provide their employees with the benefits of using 24Slides.

A new platform built by our new team

If you’ve placed an order in the last few months you would have noticed a shiny new experience when it comes to managing your orders and slides. That’s thanks to our new product team based in Kiev, Ukraine. We’ve always been committed to using technology to accelerate both your and our workflows. That’s why we’ve set up a team focused on improving our online platform to make it even more intuitive and useful for you.
New platform
🚩 2019

Our tech team sets down roots

2019 is also the year our talented developers decide to put down roots and create a base of operations.With the incredible amount of tech talent in Ukraine, we decide on Kyiv where we quickly grow the team to 4 to work on continuously improving our online platform and service.

Welcome to team Alpaka

In order to better cover business hours worldwide, we decide we need a team based in the US time zone. Our city of choice is Lima, Peru.After running a competition and picking out the most talented designers we could find, Tobias sets off to establish the office. Copying the training programs we created in Malang, the team is fully operational in just a couple of months.
🚩 2018

24Academy launches

Our north star at 24Slides is about empowering talents. As a big milestone towards this, we launch 24Academy.An educational platform with customized training courses for employees covering everything from language, communication, design and business skills. The goal is not just to better train our team, it is to foster entrepreneurship and encourage our employees to go out and build businesses of their own. We believe this is the most powerful way to support the growth of emerging markets.
🚩 2017


To cope with our rapid growth, we transform a giant 2000m2 warehouse into a state-of-the-art design facility for our team to work and play. Almost half of it is dedicated to non-work activities, with a cafeteria, gym, relaxation area, giant slide and sleeping pods.
Future Proofing

Four become fifty

After two successful years of growth, 24Slides moves into its first real office — a 400m2 house in Malang where the team can comfortably work and unwind. During this time the team continues to rapidly grow as demand skyrockets.

24Slides.com launches

After months of planning, design and development, version one of our online platform launches. 24Slides was, and still is the only presentation design company that lets you upload your slides, communicate with the team and request changes online.
🚀 2011

One becomes four

Demand grows quickly and 24Slides needs more designers. Tobias discovers that Malang is home to 13 universities, with several dedicated to design. A breeding ground for talented and ambitious design graduates. For 10 memorable months, the Danish team of two and the Indonesian team of four are united in 24Slides’ very first tiny office in Malang.
🚀 2010

An idea was born

The journey of 24Slides begins with our founder and CEO, Tobias Schelle.In search for a graphic designer that will help kick start the 24Slides journey, Tobias launches an online contest. The winner of the contest is from Malang, Indonesia.
CEO Tobias

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