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Helping MYI Entertainment to cut costs, save time and boost efficiency with powerful on-brand presentations

MYI Entertainment is one of the leading 360-degree agencies for e-sport and gaming in the German-speaking world. Around a year ago, after a spell of rapid growth, it was becoming increasingly clear that the approach of relying on the in-house team for all presentation design needs was becoming unsustainable. The firm faced a substantial increase in their presentation workload and sought an efficient solution to design and visualize presentations while adhering to their brand guidelines and visual identity.

About MYI Entertainment
  • MYI Entertainment is one of the leading agencies for esports and gaming in the German-speaking world.

  • Offices in Bern and Zurich (Switzerland)

  • Founded in 2016

  • 60+ projects per year, from physical gaming conventions to digital experiences in game universes to esports tournaments and gaming campaigns

Enter 24Slides, a platform offering presentation design support by connecting businesses with graphic designers. It was an MYI Entertainment team member who first mentioned 24Slides, and while there was skepticism towards the idea initially, it was agreed that a pilot collaboration would be worth a try.

We had high expectations for the quality of work we were looking for, but 24Slides delivered on all fronts. Their team really impressed us with their deep expertise and eagerness to incorporate our feedback into their designs. They quickly became a trusted partner and now feel like an extension of our own in-house team.

Nicolas Sägesser

Partner & Creative Director

The rest, as they say, is history. The streamlined way of working alongside 24Slides saves MYI Entertainment around 30 hours a month. Those hours of consultants’ and marketing professionals’ time are now freed up for other important value-adding work.

MYI backstage

The figures speak for themselves

It makes a lot of sense, when you think about it. Why pay the hourly rate of senior professionals to do graphic design work they’re not qualified to do?

After conducting a survey of nearly 1,000 professionals, 24Slides concluded that the figures speak for themselves. “We found that senior consultants and marketing executives spend a lot of time on presentation design, and the majority of them feel that it’s demotivating or even a waste of time,” explains Dan Sørensen, CMO at 24Slides.

Among marketing professionals who took part in the survey, the average amount of time spent on presentation design in a week was almost five hours, more than 12% of their time. Among managers and directors, the figure was even higher, and consultants estimated that they spend more than ten hours a week on this kind of work.

Marketing professionals who work with us have told us that they’re saving around 75 minutes per slide. Imagine a presentation of a dozen or more slides – that’s a lot of valuable time. Accepting that everyone can’t be a graphic designer means you allow the presenter to instead focus on creating a good flow in the presentation, with the right content in the right place.

Dan Sørensen

CMO at 24Slides

MYI gaming

More than just a time-saver

For MYI Entertainment, as we’ve seen, this has led to significant savings time-wise. But the benefits go beyond that, notes Sägesser:

Thanks to the expertise and support provided by the external 24Slides team, we’ve been able to meet our clients’ expectations consistently and focus on core business activities.

Nicolas Sägesser

Partner & Creative Director

In a remarkable success story, one team member overcame his struggles with both designand presentations. Initially, his main challenge was creating visually appealing slides, which led to neglecting the content of the presentations. However, with the help of 24Slides, he no longer had to worry about design and could fully concentrate on developing compelling content and a captivating storyline. This transformation allowed himto flourish as a consultant and experience significant personal growth.

“In addition to freeing up our consultants to focus on more value-adding tasks, we found an extended team with 24Slides to design high-quality presentations that align with our visual identity” Sägesser continues.

This is no coincidence. At 24Slides, they’re fully aware of the crucial importance of brand guidelines. “All our designs are created using the customer’s own corporate visual identity and PowerPoint master templates, unless they specify otherwise, of course,” explains Sørensen. Moreover, with 250 expert designers on their books and offices across the world, including in Denmark, Indonesia and the US, they promise a 24-hour turnaround time.

MYI event

An indispensable partner

There may have been skeptics at MYI Entertainment at the start, but a year on, it’s clear to see that outsourcing presentation design to a specialized service provider has been a game-changer, not just taking demoralizing tasks out of the hands of senior staff but boosting business in a number of different ways.

By offering quick service, ensuring first-time-right deliverables and acting as an extension of our consulting department, 24Slides has become an indispensable partner for MYI Entertainment,” says Sägesser.

We really value open and honest communication and use the 24Slides feedback platform regularly. It allows us to provide direct feedback about any concerns or criticisms, and 24Slides simply take it on board and adapt and improve their offering.

Nicolas Sägesser

Partner & Creative Director

Indeed, open communication and continuous improvement are among the key ingredients in 24Slides’ recipe for success. “By focusing on skill development and empowering our clients to shine in their presentations, we’re able to help them achieve their goals and scale their businesses,” says Sørensen. “We’re proud of our commitment to delivering high-quality work, and we’re honored to be a trusted ally for so many organizations across different industries.”

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