In October 2018, 24Slides became a Certified B Corporation which means we meet high standards of social and environmental impact, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

How Presentation Design Helps Cut Costs in Your Marketing Department

Boost marketing efficiency and save valuable time with 24Slides. We save marketers from the hassle of designing slides, giving them time to focus on bigger tasks.

Learn how we help other marketing professionals cut costs and create more efficient marketing teams.

Get Valuable insights from 960+ marketing professionals

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We conducted an extensive questionnaire with over 960 marketing professionals, exploring their motivation and time spent on slide designs. By combining these numbers with in-depth interviews, we gained valuable insights into the pain points associated with slide and PowerPoint designs.
Get ready for a fulfilling reading experience and discover how we can help alleviate these challenges.

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What marketing leaders using 24Slides have to say

Nick Traulsen's avatar

Nick Traulsen

Founder - The Marketing Guy

I would recommend 24Slides to pretty much any company, 24Slides is pretty dope.

Amalie Worsaae Nygård's avatar

Amalie Worsaae Nygård

Marketing Manager

At its core, 24Slides serves as an extension to internal marketing teams. They expertly handle diverse design tasks, ranging from slide creation to crafting one-pagers, infographics, and much more.

Dan Sørensen's avatar

Dan Sørensen

CMO - 24Slides

Throughout all my previous jobs, creating content and visually appealing slides has always been a challenge. However, 24Slides simply eliminates that problem.

Leading companies count on 24Slides expertise in custom presentation design


Managing a team? You will love this

Whether you are a team leader, have an admin role, or any other setup, our solution is tailored to fit your organization seamlessly. We understand the diverse needs and structures of businesses, and our flexible approach ensures that our solution can adapt and grow with you.

Give us a ping, and we can discuss which solution aligns with your organization's setup.

Managing a team

Experience the advantage of a dedicated team that knows your business inside out, ensuring seamless collaboration and exceptional results 🚀

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  • Team trained in your brand guidelines
  • Significant discount to your cost per slide
  • Integrated with Microsoft SSO, AWS, OneLogin and more
  • Dedicated design teams

We ensure your security

At 24Slides, we use a host of security measures to safeguard your data.
From secure infrastructure and data encryption to regular vulnerability management and
employee training, we’ve got you covered.

ISO27001 Information security management

Digital Ocean

Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2)

EU General Data Protection Regulation

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Deeply managed physical infrastructure

Using tools from providers with strong sustainability and security practices matters to us. That’s why we host our application on Digital Ocean Cloud, which is known for its US data centers, scalability, secure facilities and sustainable servers

From data encryption to limited access and processing

All communications between your web browser and our software and between our application’s front end, back end and database are encrypted using a transport layer security (TLS) protocol. By default, Google Cloud encrypts all data at rest.

Strict NDAs, ongoing trainings and certifications

We only use in-house employees
Our employees can access your data only on a need-to-know basis, after signing a non-disclosure agreement. They systematically lose access to it if they leave the company. Users you’ve approved can access our cloud-based application through a web browser.
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24Slides empowers presenters and talents around the world

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