Top Alternatives To SlidesCarnival Templates

If you’ve ever searched for free presentation templates on the web, then you’ve probably visited SlidesCarnival. It’s an awesome site with tons of free templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and even Canva! The site and the templates were all made from the ground up by Jimena Catalina, a freelance interaction designer from Madrid, Spain. Now, most of you probably already know that her collection of free templates are awesome. But to give you other options, here’s our list of top alternatives to SlidesCarnival templates. Let’s begin!

Top alternatives to SlidesCarnival templates

Their templates are categorized into 8 (well, 9 if you count Canva). But since we’ll only be covering PowerPoint and Google Slides alternatives, I’ll only mention the 8 categories.

Category: Formal PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Volsce presentation template
Volsce presentation template from SlidesCarnival

This simple, but elegantly-designed, template pack is great for use in pitch deck presentations. But it’s not limited to that as it can also work to present sales reports, marketing proposals, and the like. It includes 25 fully editable slides in a white and grey color theme.

Alternative template: Corporate Package of 20 Slides from

Corporate Package of 20 Slides Template Pack cover slide

This 20-slide template has everything you need for a successful corporate presentation. There are numerous charts and graphs for you to choose from. There’s a dedicated timeline and calendar slide as well as a maps slide. You can quickly edit all the slides in just a few clicks.

  1. Basset presentation template
Basset presentation template

This template pack is a bit on the minimalist side of things. The slides all have plenty of white space. And the large fonts used throughout make this template easy on the eyes. The designer has used yellow as the accent color. This is a great color for delivering positive messages to your audience!

Alternative template: Blue Ocean Strategy Template Pack from

a screenshot of 24Slides’ Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template

As you can see on the screenshot, this template pack is also minimalistic in terms of design. There’s plenty of white space which makes the slide look very roomy indeed. The white space guides the viewer’s eyes to the content right in the middle of the slide.

  1. Laertes presentation template
Laertes presentation template

The red-on-black design makes this template look classy. According to the template description, it’s great for use in keynote speeches. Or even in-house team updates. So, if you have such an event coming up, feel free to check out this template!

Alternative template: Dark Red PowerPoint Template from Giant Template

GiantTemplate's Dark Red PowerPoint Template

This free template pack consists of 30 slides. It even has built-in morph animation included already. As you can see from the screenshot, the slides all look absolutely stunning! Changing images and replacing the placeholder text can be done in just a few mouse clicks. Note the file requires a password to open it. So, make sure you read the template’s description on the provider’s site.

  1. Cerimon presentation template
Cerimon presentation template

If you need to do a medical presentation, then this is the template pack to get. You’ve got over 25 slide designs to choose from. Most of them includes human body (both male and female) illustrations. The pain points drawn on the illustrations can be moved to spots relevant to your topic. So, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Alternative template: Medical PowerPoint Template from

Cover slide of Medical PowerPoint Template
Medical PowerPoint Template cover slide

Are you looking for a more comprehensive medical sciences template? Look no further than this template pack. In addition to human illustrations, our designers have also included several medical icons. You can mix and match these icons according to your slides’ content.

Category: Inspirational PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Eglamour presentation template
Eglamour presentation template

Getting creative with your presentation isn’t exactly a simple thing to do. You can get inspiration from various sources. Or you can simply download this template pack and customize it to your heart’s content. The slides have artsy watercolor textures. These will look great on most kinds of presentations!

Alternative template: Vega Template from ThePopp

Vega by ThePopp

This template is one of the most colorful – and comprehensive – templates I’ve found on the web. With over 80 stylish slides to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with this template. You can choose from a regular or animated version – it’s all ready for you to use. Just pick the most relevant slides for your presentation. And then replace the placeholder content with your own!

  1. Katharine presentation template
Katharine presentation template

If you’re looking for a free template pack which uses stunning imagery, then Katharine may be right for you. It reminds me of those popular image quotes on social media where large text occupies the forefront. And the background image perfectly encapsulates what the text is trying to say.

Alternative template: Thank You Slides PowerPoint Template from's Thank You Slides PowerPoint Template Pack

This 10-slide template pack is one of the best alternatives to SlidesCarnival templates. It uses a bunch of colorful images as backgrounds. Of course, as the name says, the text will say Thank You. But you can just click on the text box to edit the content and replace it with your own. You can also replace the background image with something more suitable to your topic.

  1. Banquo presentation template
Banquo presentation template

This template is especially designed for business meetings. But can also be adapted to other types of presentations as well. The color used is predominantly blue. If you’d like to change it to another color, you’d need to go into the master slide. Here’s a tutorial on how to do this: How To Edit A Master Slide.

Alternative template: Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template by

Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template cover slide

This is a similar blue-themed template which you can use in your business meetings. Each slide contains graphs to help present the outcome of your stakeholder analysis. Slides include a matrix slide, key factors slide, and a stakeholder analysis cycle slide.

Category: Creative PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Ninacor presentation template
Ninacor presentation template

Use this template for presentations on blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and the like. It includes 25 slides and uses a series of connected lines and dots as background. I believe this makes it perfect for presentations in the IT industry.

Alternative template: Block Chain Data PowerPoint Template from

Block Chain Data PowerPoint Template cover slide

This template pack is best used for blockchain and bitcoin-related presentations. But you can easily customize this to fit your IT presentations. Our designers have included a bunch of relevant graphs, charts and icons. You can use these to further customize your presentation slides.

  1. Juliet presentation template
Juliet presentation template

I like the creative framed brush stroke on this template. If you download this, you’ll realize the brush stroke is actually transparent. So, if you want to change the color, you’d need to change the slide background to your preferred color or gradient. Fortunately, this is great for use in a wide variety of presentations, not just in art-related topics!

Alternative template: Paint Brush Concept PowerPoint Template from SlideModel

SlideModel's Paint Brush Concept PowerPoint Template

You have several color choices with this template pack. You can choose from blue, hot pink, green and orange. Plus there are also a bunch of different icons included. Feel free to take your pick of the slides you want to use.

  1. Ceres presentation template
Ceres presentation template

Use this natured-inspired template pack to make presentations about botany, nature, and gardening. Plus, if you need to use this for anything other than presentations, you can certainly do so. You’re free to export the slides as images or PDF files. You can use this to send out wedding invites, bridal shower invites, and the like!

Alternative template: Environment Deck PowerPoint Template from

Cover slide of Environment Deck PowerPoint Template

This 10-slide template pack is perfect for presentations on environmental policies. It includes slides like environmental responsibility timeline, environmental pollution, and green energy slides.

Category: Simple PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Gower presentation template
Gower presentation template

This template pack is playfully designed, but still looks simple. The illustrations and graphics used contribute to an overall clean look. This pack is perfect for a variety of presentations. Including, but not limited to, project proposals, business plans, or marketing strategies.

Alternative template: Playful Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template by

cover slide of Playful Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This template pack is useful when presenting your business ideas to potential investors. It includes all the necessary slides you need to persuade your audience to take a leap of faith. And to trust that you’ll help them get a good return on their investment!

  1. Cymbeline presentation template
Cymbeline presentation template

Keeping your presentation simple can do wonders for your brand or business. Use this elegant PowerPoint and Google Slides template pack for a variety of presentations. The black and white design gives it a timeless but chic appearance.

Alternative template: Simple Free Minimal Template by LouisTwelve

LouisTwelve's Simple Free Minimal Template

Just like what the name implies, this template is simple indeed. The designer included 9 free slides in this pack which you can use to introduce your topic. Slides include several text + image slide and a US vector map slide. You can use this template to pitch your brand to potential clients and customers. Or, your startup to investors.

  1. Snug presentation template
Snug presentation template

This is a simple template pack but the bright yellow color looks stunning on black. If you want to delight your audience with some visual eye-candy, then this may help you achieve your goal!

Alternative template: Planning Slides PowerPoint Template Pack from

one of the top alternatives to SlidesCarnival templates - Planning Slides PowerPoint Template Pack from 24Slides

If you’re looking for alternatives to SlidesCarnival templates which use yellow as the main accent color, then check this out. It uses yellow on gray which gives it that elegant business look. Use this template for a variety of business presentations. From planning to project completion, this pack will surely help you out.

Category: Startup PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Olivia presentation template
Olivia presentation template

This template pack is great for fun startups with creative products. The theme color used is orange which signifies happiness and enthusiasm. So, if you’re looking to persuade potential investors to give your startup a chance, try using this in your upcoming presentations!

Alternative template: Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template from's Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This template pack may not be predominantly orange (it mainly uses green). But it uses orange as an accent color throughout the slides. This template pack is designed for startups who want to maximize their chances of success. Note that the right colors and slide layouts can boost a fledgling startup’s credibility in front of investors!

  1. Talbot presentation template
Talbot presentation template

This template pack may not look like your garden-variety startup template. But that’s precisely the point. If you want to differentiate your brand from similar startups, do something different. It’s likely your competitors are also trying to get funding from the same investors. This template will hopefully help you stand out from the crowd thanks to its unique look!

Alternative template: Product Hunt Pitch Deck Template from

Cover slide of Product Hunt Pitch Deck Template

Do you want to be taken seriously? Then download a professional template that has all the data-driven slides you need to pitch your business. This pack will help you illustrate your business idea, sales trends, valuations, and more. Plus, it’s even linked to Excel, so you can easily plug in your data and replace the placeholder content.

  1. Quince presentation template
Quince presentation template

The graphic chart background lets the audience know this is going to be a serious presentation on statistics and data analysis. The colors used are bright and lively. This this may seem to contradict the very nature of the presentation. But I think it adds a bit of character and makes the slides look less intimidating!

Alternative template: Business Presentation Template from's Business Presentation Template

If you’re looking for a template that will fulfill your data presentation needs, then check this out. It includes 20 slides full of various charts and graphics. You can use these to present the results of your data analysis. Slides include SWOT analysis, social media analysis, Gantt chart, organizational chart, and more.

Category: Elegant PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Helicanus presentation template
Helicanus presentation template

With a golden brown color palette, you can use this template not just for presentations, but also as invitation to social events. You’d need to export the slides as images or even PDF, and you can then mail out your invites!

Alternative template: Finance PowerPoint Template Mini Pack from

Cover slide of Finance PowerPoint Template Mini Pack

In the same fashion, this template pack also uses a brown color theme. However, this isn’t definitely for social use. Instead, this template is great for all sorts of financial presentations. It includes a financial planning slide, breakdown slide, and quarterly progress slide.

  1. Ophelia presentation template
Ophelia presentation template

This template pack owes its good looks to its pink accent color. You can use this in a wide variety of presentations. But the designer suggests using this for fashion or decoration-related topics.

Alternative template: Fashion PowerPoint Template from

Fashion PowerPoint Template cover slide

For a more comprehensive fashion presentation, you should use this template pack instead. The slides use a combination of pastel colors as highlight. I think it will make your content stand out. Plus, the fashion illustrations and images are all on point, too. This pack also includes a comparison slide, a fashion timeline slide, and a yearly trend slide.

  1. Eleanor presentation template
Eleanor presentation template

This template’s dark background and green accent color makes it perfect for most corporate presentations. Several slides include tables, charts, and graphs. So you can use this for data-intensive presentations as well. Note that this comes in 4:3 layout. If you want to convert to the more common 16:9 slide size, you may need to do manual adjustments.

Alternative template: Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Template from

Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Template overview

This template pack also uses a green accent color. But instead of a dark background it uses a plain white one. If you really want to go for a dark look, feel free to change the background in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Download this if you need a template that will help you present the results of a thorough competitor analysis.

Category: Playful PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Pisanio presentation template
Pisanio presentation template

The scribble and brightly colored background makes this template easy on the eyes. It’s perfect for not-so-serious presentations because of its playful nature. But, of course, you can use this in high-stakes business presentations as well!

Alternative template: Playful Mega Pack Slide PPT Template from

Cover slide of Playful Mega Pack Slide PowerPoint Template from

With 29 slides to choose from, you certainly can’t go wrong with this template pack. It’s truly one of the best alternatives to SlidesCarnival templates. It’s playfully designed with graphics and illustrations on each slide. Slides include a SWOT graphic, mobile maps, speedometer chart, and more. Pick the slides you need and then customize it with your content!

  1. Hortensius presentation template
Hortensius presentation template

The colorful shapes used as border for the text makes the slide look really fun and exciting. The same look applies to other slides, with only the background color and placeholder content changing. If you want to try something new, then you should definitely check out this template!

Alternative template: Light Corporate PowerPoint Template Pack from's Light Corporate PowerPoint Template Pack

If you’re looking for a colorful template pack that you can also use for business presentations, then this may be perfect for your needs. It uses a pastel colors as highlight and accent colors, so it’s easy on the eyes. But the graphs and charts included in the slides lets your audience know you mean business.

  1. Friar presentation template
Friar presentation template

If you need to give a science lecture or presentation, you can download this template. (Don’t forget to replace the placeholder with your own content.) The hand-drawn icons and graph paper background lets everyone know what your presentation is all about. Even before you open your mouth to speak!

Alternative template: Playful Science Pharmaceutical PPT Template from

Cover slide of Playful Science Pharmaceutical PowerPoint Template

You can make your science presentations come alive with this template. You’ve got 10 illustrated slides to choose from. This is perfect for pharmaceutical presentations. But you can also customize this for other science presentations. This is because the science graphics make it suitable for other presentations too!

  1. Halloween presentation template
Halloween presentation template

The black, orange and purple color theme really makes this template pop. Halloween is supposed to be a spooky occasion. If you have a presentation on this topic, then this is a great template to use. The Halloween icons and illustrations also add to the spooky visual effect.

Alternative template: Halloween PowerPoint Template from

Halloween PowerPoint Template cover slide

This 16-slide template pack has all the slides you need for a ‘scary’ presentation. The dark green and orange color theme makes for a good visual combination. Most of the slides use a white background. To follow this occasion’s ‘dark’ tradition, change the background to a darker color.

Category: Business PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

  1. Balthasar presentation template
Balthasar presentation template

For simple finance presentations, this template pack should suffice. It includes 25 fully editable slides. The good thing is you can download this in both PowerPoint and Google Slides format. But if you want a more ‘substantial’ financial presentation (with all the bells and whistles), check out the alternative below.

Alternative template: Creative Animated Finance Template Pack from

one of the best free PowerPoint templates in August 2019 - the Creative Animated Finance Template Pack

This template pack has all the graphs and charts you need for a successful financial presentation. Use this present your finances to stakeholders and potential clients. Now, the template also already includes slide transitions. So, all you really need to do is replace the placeholder with your own text and data, and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Perdita presentation template
Perdita presentation template

With an orange accent, this template will surely grab your audience’s attention. This is great for educational and business presentations. Also, you can easily swap out the colors for something else. Preferably, colors that are better suited for your brand or topic.

Alternative template: Project Management PowerPoint Template from

Project Management PowerPoint Template cover slide

This template pack also uses an orange accent for its slides. But this is geared more towards project management presentations. If you need to give a project update to your team or stakeholders, give this template pack a try. Slides include life cycle, delivery phases, and finance details slides.

  1. Mercutio presentation template
Mercutio presentation template

This template pack is in 4:3 screen layout which is great if you know your projector will be using this layout. Otherwise, you can always convert it to 16:9 with a few mouse clicks. Just go to the Design tab in PowerPoint, look for Slide Size, and select 16:9. According to the designer, this slide is great for elevator pitches and conferences.

Alternative template: PowerPoint Slides With Video Template from

Cover slide of PowerPoint slides with video template
PowerPoint Slides with Video Template cover slide

Video’s popularity nowadays can’t ever be understated. Now, a static PowerPoint presentation’s may appeal to some viewers. But the truth is that video provides another level of engagement. So, if you need to get people’s attention, use this template pack to insert high-quality videos and play it during your presentation.

Final Words

SlidesCarnival is a great resource for free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. But it’s not the only one in town as I’ve shown in this article. The truth is that you’ll find plenty of free templates on the web. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t worth the effort of downloading and customizing. However, there are a few exceptions. And the main alternative to SlidesCarnival templates is, of course, our very own Template Hub.

All of our templates are professionally-designed and can be used in any type of presentation. Plus, all templates are 100% free and easily customizable as well. So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite templates today!

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