Best PowerPoint Templates for webinars in 2020

You’ve probably seen a lot of webinars lately, and it is because they have proven to be effective sales and marketing tools. But, what is a webinar? In simple words, a webinar is an online seminar where attendees can discuss information with the presenter in real-time. Plus, there are no geographical barriers, your audience can be anywhere in the world. 

Webinar on a screen laptop. Image from Rawpixel

Webinars usually consist of a live video transmission alongside a slideshow presentation. And here’s where many presenters fall short. The presentation design needs for a virtual event are different from the face-to-face seminar ones. You go from a projector that shows your slides in a large scale to a computer (or even mobile) screen. For that reason, your webinar presentation should be highly engaging with visual elements and readable font sizes that elevate your online delivery.

Luckily, today’s article is all about PowerPoint templates for webinars. As you know, our designers create amazing templates every day (you can download hundreds for free at Templates by 24Slides), so I’ve selected the best of the BEST from our huge collection to help you make your virtual event a success. 

You will find incredible slide decks to attract new prospect clients with digital marketing webinars. There are also templates for health and wellness webinars to position yourself as an expert in these niches. I’ve included stunning templates for tech webinars as well. And, at the end, you will find the coolest slides to complement your presentation. Ready to create engaging webinars?

4 Digital marketing webinar templates to reach new prospects

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… all of them are popular social media channels that companies use to connect with potential buyers and build a brand presence online. Use these templates to create digital marketing webinars. They are always on high demand, which assures you a big audience. We give you impressive slides, you just need to find the right topic. 

Playful Facebook Report Template

Facebook PowerPoint Slide for a digital marketing webinar presentation

Even though more players have entered the game, Facebook still remains the leading social network. While it is true Millennials and Gen Z have recently turned to other social apps, in 2019, Facebook reported more than a billion daily active users and shared that 74% of its users are high-income earners. So, webinars about how to boost engagement on Facebook pages or around paid advertising on Facebook sound promising. This Blue PowerPoint Template resembles the style of the popular social media platform in all its slides. Alongside reaction emojis, “like” icons and some data charts, you will also find graphics of Facebook posts and comment boxes that evoke a real-time social media interaction. You and your viewers will love it!

Twitter Campaign Slide Deck Template

Twitter Slide with illustrations

Twitter is still a hard nut to crack for some business owners, and this can be a great opportunity for you to share powerful marketing tips. Use the Twitter Campaign Slide Deck Template to showcase Twitter success stories from top companies in your industry. You can also adapt the content for your niche market and create a webinar around how to use twitter hashtags to attract leads, for instance. All these Twitter-themed slides make the perfect webinar powerpoint template: eye-catching illustrations, icons, and amazing backgrounds that immerse your audience into the Twitterverse. And if you’re not convinced yet, just take a look at the playful slide above. This template is truly one of the best you will find to give a Twitter-centered webinar.

Playful Social Media Template


Comparison slide for twitter, facebook, and instagram in minimalist style

A stylish PowerPoint Template for you digital marketing webinar! If you plan on giving a quick brush-up on the biggest social media platforms at your webinar, this template is exactly what you need. The Playful Social Media Template is perfect to talk about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and make comparisons between these three social networking sites. The clean layout and pastel colors of this template make your content stand out on any screen. It includes a comparative table, visually appealing bar charts, illustrations of digital natives, and more elements that will make your viewers follow your webinar from start to finish. 

Social Media Analysis PowerPoint Template

Competitor Analysis slide for a social media presentation

For an audience that already manages basic terms of digital marketing, a webinar that goes into topics like competitor analysis, social media growth, and content planning could be a good option. The best thing about the Social Media Analysis PowerPoint Template is that it comes with different charts and graphics to compare four datasets on each slide. Plan a webinar around digital marketing campaigns and this template can be an example for your viewers on how to make a great social media report.


Health and wellness webinar templates to build brand authority

If you create content for medical and scientific experts or the health and wellness community, then your brand and these PowerPoint templates are a match. You will find webinar slide deck templates for topics such as healthcare, yoga, science pharma, and heart disease prevention.

Health Care PowerPoint Template

Earth Globe with pointers for a healthcare webinar

This PowerPoint template will help pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and healthcare professionals create a complete webinar presentation on human health. Here you can fit complex data into simple visual elements to make the information accessible to all types of audiences. And it includes a world map graphic, a human anatomy diagram, a nutrition pyramid, and medical icons. 

Science Pharma PowerPoint Template

Gender statistics for a science pharma slide deck

When talking about human health, don’t settle for boring templates. Here’s a great PowerPoint template that links health science and pharmacy in eye-catching slides. The clean layout of this webinar template will help you make any type of information easy to read for both medical experts and non-technical audiences. There is no room for walls of text in the Science Pharma PowerPoint Template, instead it offers you incredible diagrams, creative bar charts, and pharmaceutical icons for data visualization. 

Heart Disease Prevention PowerPoint Template

Heart Disease Prevention PowerPoint Slide in creative style

As they say, prevention is better than the cure, and we couldn’t agree more. For that reason, the health and wellness webinar templates include an impressive red and purple slide deck that has everything you need to deliver a webinar on heart disease prevention. Address risk factors for each stage of life, heart attack symptoms, give advice on how to keep a healthy heart, and more. Keeping the attention of your webinar participants won’t be a problem with this template.

Playful Yoga PowerPoint Template

Illustrated yoga poses slide for a health and fitness webinar

If we talk about highly visual presentations, the playful yoga PowerPoint Template is unbeatable. You can position your brand in the fitness and wellness niche with webinars on how to restore energy after a busy day, easy yoga poses for beginners, meditation for anxiety. It all depends on how you work around different topics of interest for your audience. With a harmonic color palette, this slide deck is ideal to address the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of yoga. There are also vector illustrations of male and female characters in yoga poses to guide viewers step-by-step. A webinar presentation like no other!

4 Tech webinar slide deck templates to impress your clients

The templates in this section were definitely not made for the fans of text-filled slides. Contrasting colors, striking visuals, and reader friendly slides is what you will find here. Sounds good? For some, it could be a challenge to give a presentation with more visual elements than text but keep in mind that webinars demand highly visual content and we offer you incredible options. 

Cloud Computing PowerPoint Template

Cloud computing process slide for a tech webinar presentation

Tech webinar presentations call for the latest trends on design, no generic images. That’s why our team created this illustrated template that will leave an everlasting impression in your audience, no doubt. You can create a cloud computing 101 webinar for the general public or one for cloud experts with this same blue and red template. And even better, if you offer cloud services, help your clients know more about this fascinating technology with customized webinars that respond to their specific needs and questions. 

Interactive Product Presentation Template

user interaction roadmap for a tech online seminar

This template will do wonders in a webinar for professionals who look to further their knowledge in the user experience field. It offers visual roadmaps and charts but what stands out the most are the illustrations in playful style that grace every slide. You can help your audience design the best experiences with a webinar focused on how to develop user-friendly digital products. And the Interactive Product presentation template is perfect to cover UX related topics from running a usability test to reporting the results and everything in between.  

Android Mobile Presentation Template Pack

Android mobile mockup in red

For those in the mobile app industry, these slides are right for you!  Here you will find smartphone mockups to showcase a mobile game, a new social media app, or to talk about mobile advertising and m-commerce. With this template pack, the possibilities are endless. It has three beautiful designed slides that convey information in a straightforward manner and work perfectly as visual aids for your webinar. 

IT Network PowerPoint Template

Data platform slide with connected devices for a tech webinar

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for training and educational content on information technology. And for a company that provides IT services, a webinar about cybersecurity and computer networks sounds just right. The IT Network PowerPoint Template is highly visual (just check out the slide above!) and keeps the text at minimum to guide your audience’s attention to the points under discussion. This purple slide deck template comes with area charts in playful style, a network map, modern-looking progress bars, technology icons, and much more.


Additional slides for your webinar Powerpoint deck

Playful Mega Pack Slide PowerPoint Template

twisted timeline in blue and yellow

When you think you’ve seen it all in presentation design, our team comes up with fresh ideas. And the results are impactful 30 slides that give a creative twist to the classic PowerPoint charts and diagrams. This playful template has roadmaps, comparative bar graphs, a SWOT diagram, circle charts, agenda slides, timelines. Simply put, whenever you are looking for original graphics to complement your webinar presentation, just search them all up here.

Playful Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template

Playful Venn Diagram

Do you need to display relationships between two or more sets? Venn diagrams are the answer. Our designers used circles, polygons, and irregular shapes to create the most imaginative Venn diagrams in flat and 3D styles. Give your webinar presentation the touch of color it needs with our playful Venn diagrams.

Corporate Title Slides | PowerPoint Template Pack

Blue title powerpoint slide for a creative presentation

We’ve saved the best for last! Breaking your content into well-defined sections not only lets your audience know when you are moving on to the next point, it helps you navigate through your presentation in an organized manner. And these divider slides give you the best of both worlds: they hold visual interest and keep text content light. You can also use them to create a powerful webinar presentation with key messages on each slide. 


If all these slide decks came up from the creative minds of our designers with just a concept, can you imagine what they can do for your webinar PowerPoint presentation? I’ll give you a hint: awe-some-ness. Learn more about our presentation design service here.

And before you go, check out this article about the right way to use PowerPoint for webinars. It gives you great tips to up your presentation game.