Get Inspired By The Best Branded Presentation Examples We’ve Seen

Creating branded presentations is a cornerstone of modern business.

If you think about it, we usually use presentations to convince people to experience our brand - either as a client, employee, or investor. Let’s say in client meetings, webinars, or pitch competitions. These are important events that could make or break future partnerships for the success of your business.

So, paying close attention to how our presentations look and how our brand is represented is crucial. Today, we will show you everything you need to know about creating branded presentations.

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What is a Branded Presentation?

A branded presentation is a set of customized PowerPoint slides with your own company’s design style. In simple words, your branded presentation has your logo, brand colors, fonts, photography style, and other elements from your company's visual identity.

Furthermore, your corporate brand identity also embraces your tone of voice and key messages, which you can add to your branded presentation to better reflect your essence as a company. This means you get to showcase your ideas and professional work in a presentation that fully represents who you are.

Why are Branded Presentations Important?

A branded presentation helps you build the right impression of your company on people, even before they’ve tried any of your products or services. It also:

  • Distinguishes your offering from competitors: In the competitive business landscape, a branded presentation is your unique calling card. It goes beyond mere content; it’s your chance to shine, distinguish yourself, and leave a lasting impression, setting the stage for potential customers to choose you over others.
  • Helps your audience become familiar with your brand: Effective branding is about making your mark on people’s minds. When you consistently use your brand elements in presentations, everyone you engage with becomes acquainted with your brand’s visuals and messaging. This familiarity creates trust and recognition, making people more likely to remember and seek out your products or services when needed.
  • Elevates the professional aspect of your work: A well-branded presentation communicates that you take your work seriously and are committed to delivering a polished, cohesive experience. This professional image not only instills confidence in your audience but also demonstrates that you're dedicated to maintaining a high standard in everything you do.
  • Helps you build a consistent brand experience: When you invest time and effort in crafting branded presentations, you ensure that every interaction with your audience aligns with your brand’s identity. This consistency, from the design of your slides to the tone of your message, reinforces your brand’s values and the idea that you’re a business that pays attention to even the smallest details.

Ready to see this for yourself? Let’s check out some great examples!

Check Out Some Creative Branded Presentation Examples

Let’s check out three creative branded presentation examples made by the 24Slides' presentation designers, who put their spin on their favorite public slide decks:

Adidas Branded Presentation

The transformation from a non-branded presentation to a highly creative branded presentation for Adidas is truly remarkable. Before the redesign, the presentation needed more visual coherence and impact, which a strong brand like Adidas demands. Here’s how the before and after comparison highlights the enormous difference:

In this example, it is clear how our designers revamped the presentation, incorporating Adidas’ iconic colors, logo, and brand elements seamlessly. This instantly establishes a strong brand presence and helps the audience associate the content with the brand. The result? An elegant branded presentation that has Adidas all over it.

McDonalds Corporate Presentation

Transforming a McDonald’s presentation from a basic one featuring simple charts, bullet points, and data into a visually appealing and engaging presentation is a testament to the power of effective design. Here’s how the before and after comparison highlights the significant difference:

This redesign is the perfect example of how to approach common business topics creatively. And while some people might worry a design like this could diminish the professional aspect of their work, it’s quite the opposite.

Instead of using a worn-out PowerPoint theme, you’re making sure your presentation sparks people’s interest and sets a high bar for whoever comes next—talking about going the extra mile!

IBM creative presentation

Redesigning IBM’s presentation from a basic one with great content but lacking consistent design and the company’s branding is a powerful example of how effective design can elevate content. Let’s take a look at the before and after:

In this IBM presentation, we struck a unique balance between playfulness and professionalism. Our designers skillfully incorporated creative and accurate illustrations to seamlessly integrate complex diagrams, making the content engaging and easily digestible.

This transformation resulted in a visually appealing presentation that still maintains its serious and informative edge, ensuring that the audience is both captivated and well-informed.

Would you like to see more branded presentation examples [free of charge]? Take a look at some of our best work here. We have a collection of creative, corporate, even playful branded presentations.

If you still have doubts about branding your presentations, be certain that these before-and-after examples in these presentations will demonstrate the significant impact that branded design can have on your content.

Ready to start branding your presentations: Check out a brand presentation template (FREE)

Now, it’s your turn to brand your presentations. We know it’s not an easy task. So, let’s begin with a simple step: choose a free business template to adapt it to the presentation you have in mind and, obviously, to your brand.

And we have great news! You can find hundreds of templates in our Templates by 24Slides platform. And best of all, they are all free! You’ll have access to our library of professionally designed PowerPoint templates ready to be used. Check out our Collection of Free Business PowerPoint Template.

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How do you brand a PowerPoint presentation?

Follow these steps to learn how to make branded PPT presentations:

  • Create a brand identity guide: This way, you will have all your brand elements in one place, and anyone working on presentations will have access.
  • Prioritize the presentations you want to brand: Decide which ones are the most important, urgent, or impactful, and start with those. Create a plan so all the presentations you are currently using are updated.
  • Use master slides to make everything easier: MasterSlides is a PowerPoint feature that automatically helps you add elements that you want to be repeated throughout your slides. This way, you can easily change the color and font and add your logo.
  • Apply other elements: Now, it’s time to apply elements such as illustrations, photography, and icons. This is a little more complicated and time-consuming, so it would be best to leave it to your in-house team or, better, to outsource it!

This is how you can get a branded PowerPoint presentation too!

Now that you have all the steps to brand your presentations, let’s take a look at your options:

  • You can do your branded presentations in-house: Either by yourself or with help from your team; you can set aside some weeks to understand your brand guidelines, draft the layout for each slide, and work on them.

Whoever takes this task requires an impeccable sense of design and needs to manage a presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote - at least at an upper-intermediate level.

Remember that your branded presentations are not your everyday slides. They portray your corporate image to potential clients, investors and partners!

  • You can outsource your branded presentation design: The other option is to get your branded presentations with none of the hassles. Instead of putting extra workload on your team, professional PowerPoint designers can step in as your company’s secret weapon to work on the right corporate image for all your presentations.

Maybe you’re stuck updating old slides to the new business image, or even worse, making branded presentations from scratch. Let the 24Slides team lift that weight off your shoulders by creating custom master templates or redesigning your whole presentations. Just like they did with the examples in this post!

Learn more about our presentation design services, and when you’re ready reach out to our team so they can work out the best solution for your project. We’ll change the way you see PowerPoint - forever!

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