Competitor Analysis and Market Research PowerPoint Templates

When planning your business, market research is one of the most important tasks to work in. It allows you to set your target market, understand potential customers and their needs, and evaluate the competition in order to get an advantage over them. These market research and competitor analysis PowerPoint templates will help you convey all your findings to your team and build a strategic business plan accordingly.

competitor analysis PowerPoint templates

As always, all the PowerPoint templates that you’ll find here are completely free. You just need to register at Templates by 24Slides, and you’ll be ready to download as many templates as you want, forever. No fees or tricks, they’re really completely free!

And even better, they are completely editable. Alter them as much as you want to fit your brand colors and your previous presentations. You can add specific slides to your own presentation, or even mix-and-match to create the perfect template for you.

Free Market Research PowerPoint Templates

Here you’ll find some of the most popular tools used by businesses all around the globe. The best thing about this market research PowerPoint templates is that they’re very detailed, as they’re designed with a specific tool in mind. You’ll be able to download SWOT and PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Blue Ocean Strategy (among others) presentation templates that are meant to bring out the most of each framework and convey perfectly each of its points.

SWOT PowerPoint Templates

SWOT Analysis is one of the most popular frameworks for business strategic planning. It’s an amazing tool that focuses on identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in order to evaluate the competitive position of your business in the market. SWOT analyses allow you to highlight both inner and external attributes that will influence your market presence. The market research PowerPoint templates that you’ll find here are specifically designed to help you convey each of the elements of a great SWOT analysis.

From four quadrants slides to show your SWOT analysis overview to specific slides for each point, these PowerPoint templates will make sure that your market research is crystal clear.

Ultimate SWOT Analysis Template Pack

market research PowerPoint template

If you want slides that convey professionalism and all the work you’ve invested in your market research, you can’t go wrong with this ultimate SWOT analysis pack. It has several different designs that will help you give the audience a complete overview of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your business. But it also includes an attribute-specific slide in order for you to give more depth to it. In short, it’s an outstanding market research PowerPoint template!

Playful SWOT PowerPoint Template

SWOT analysis PowerPoint template

This market research PowerPoint template is perfect for showcasing all your brand’s creativity and innovation. This SWOT analysis template features bright colors, unique layouts, and custom made illustrations. Make sure your presentation stands out with these unique slides! It also includes maps, circle graphs, and pyramid charts for you to fit all your information in the most visually appealing way possible.

SWOT Analysis Presentation Templates

SWOT analysis presentation template

Looking for something colorful to catch your audience’s eyes, but more serious than the last one? Then you might want to check out this market research SWOT PowerPoint template. This SWOT template’s unique layout and designs will help you keep your audience’s attention throughout the presentation. And its slides are filled with custom icons that will help you convey more ideas more efficiently.

SWOT PowerPoint Template

business SWOT powerpoint template

If you’re all about a minimalist style, then this market research PowerPoint template is the one for you. Its all-blue design is perfect for conveying professionalism and trustworthiness. Here you’ll find several different options of attribute specific slides. You’ll be able to give your audience a complete look into each of the SWOT analysis categories through its graphs and charts.

Porter’s Five Forces PowerPoint Templates

Porter’s Five Forces is another very well-known framework in the business world. Just like its name suggests, Harvard professor Michael Porter identified 5 main factors that can influence a business environment. These market research PowerPoint template will help you guide your audience through your findings in Competitive Rivalry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Threat of Substitution, and Threat of New Entry.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Template

market research powerpoint template

This creative market research PowerPoint template will help you make an outstanding presentation. It has specific slides to help you highlight each of Porter’s Five Forces in your presentation. And its five-color design is perfect for conveying all your information while still keeping a bright, eye-catching design.

Corporate Porter’s Five Forces PowerPoint Template

Porters five forces PowerPoint template

If you’re looking for a more corporate, business-like design for Porter’s Five Forces framework, consider taking a look at this market research PowerPoint template.

Porter’s Five Forces Slides

market research powerpoint template

If you want to convey a more fun, playful side of your company, then check out this design! Work on your competitor analysis with this PowerPoint template’s custom illustrations. Its unique icons will help you show your audience all your research concerning competitive rivalry for your business.

Other Market Research Tools PowerPoint Templates

Of course, there are many ways and tools you can use to work on your market analysis. Here you’ll find other popular tools 24Slides designers have taken into consideration to design amazing market research PowerPoint Templates.

Blue Ocean Strategy

blue ocean strategy presentation template

The Blue Ocean Strategy is completely unique when talking about market analysis tools. Instead of facing high-competition, overcrowded markets, Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on creating your own market niche. This market research PowerPoint will help you apply all the Blue Ocean Strategy main points and convey your discoveries to your audience.

Go To Market Strategy Template

go to market strategy template

A Go-to-market strategy is another very popular option among all kinds of businesses. Its main focus is to evaluate how and when to introduce a product or service into the market. This of course means identifying and analyzing your target audience and market. And then, creating a sales and marketing plan accordingly. This free market research PowerPoint template will help you make the most out of this outstanding business strategy.

Corporate PEST Analysis Template

PEST analysis PowerPoint template

Just like a SWOT analysis, PEST analyses are based on a four-element organization. But unlike SWOT, a PEST analysis focused on external factors that might influence your business’ performance. Use this market research PowerPoint template to show your audience the Political, Economical, Social, and Technological factors that might affect your business.

Free Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Templates

Identifying and understanding your competitors is a key point of market research. In order to gain an advantage over your rivals, knowing what they’re offering and what makes your product unique in comparison is vital for a good marketing and sales strategy. This competitor analysis PowerPoint templates will help you focus on exactly that!

Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Template

competitor analysis PowerPoint template

This corporate take on the competitor analysis PowerPoint templates is all about data and numbers. You’ll find slides with all kinds of charts and graphs so you can present all your findings in a more effective, visually appealing way.

Creative Competitor Analysis Template

competitor analysis PowerPoint template

Stay one step ahead of your rivals with this competitor analysis PowerPoint template. Its race-themed slide is perfect for conveying the urgency and importance of staying at the top. It even includes a SWOT analysis slide for you to evaluate your competitors’ strengths and opportunities and take advantage of the weaknesses and threats.

Competitor PowerPoint Template

competitor analysis PowerPoint template

Work on your own product and brand differential value by examining what your direct competitors are doing. This competitor analysis PowerPoint template is perfect for analyzing and comparing several different products and brands at once. Its amazing comparative slides will help you showcase all the similarities and differences between different products.

Get More Free Business PowerPoint Templates

These market research and competitor analysis PowerPoint templates will definitely help you take your business strategy one step above. Knowing the circumstance that might affect your target market and what are your rivals working on will help you define better your sales and marketing strategies.

These are just some of the amazing slides that you’ll find in our Templates by 24Slides platform. Many of the business-oriented template packs that you’ll find there also include market research and competitor analysis templates. So if you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, you’ll find hundreds of options more there! And of course, they’re all completely free.

However, if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, then you might want to consider professional custom PowerPoint design. 24Slides amazing designers will make sure that your slides showcase all your information as best as possible, make an impression on your audience, and convey your brand perfectly. You can just forget about editing templates and relax, and let professionals do what they do best!

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