How to Use PowerPoint for Your Content Marketing Campaigns

A huge part of digital marketing is creating and delivering content that will attract potential customers. By creating valuable, relevant content, you can draw your target audience and create brand awareness. However, this is easier said than done! In such a busy digital work like today, it’s challenging to create a constant flow of high-quality content that will drive potential customers to your business. You might not believe it, but there’s one specific tool that can help you upgrade your content. And chances are, you already have it! PowerPoint is a well of untapped potential ready to be used for your content marketing campaigns. Whether it is to get your team on board, showcase your campaign’s outcome or even create original content, PowerPoint can make all the difference!

use PowerPoint for content marketing campaigns

Marketing is all about communicating effectively with your customers. However, the human brain is wired so that images are more easily digestible than written text. And here’s precisely where PowerPoint comes into play! PowerPoint is an outstanding, powerful graphic communication tool. It gained fame as a presentation software precisely because of its unlimited potential as an audiovisual companion for public speaking. PowerPoint slides help you add a visual component to your presentation to make it more memorable and digestible for your audience.

But PowerPoint can do much more than just presentation slides, and very few people realize that. Here you’ll learn how to take full advantage of PowerPoint potential and use it to plan your content marketing campaigns and create fantastic content pieces to get your audience’s attention.

social media marketing strategy presentation template

Use PowerPoint to plan your content marketing campaign

Of course, the first thing everyone thinks about when talking about PowerPoint is presentation slides. While PowerPoint might have gotten something of a bad reputation over the years, it’s undeniable that a well-done PowerPoint slide deck can take your presentation to a whole new level.

PowerPoint slides are the perfect tool for reinforcing the message you’re trying to convey. They allow you to give a graphic representation of specific ideas and make it easier to understand and remember after the presentation is over. It’s also a great way to make sure that your audience is taking away the most important points, as it can help you summarize and emphasize what you think is the most important. You can use PowerPoint to make a strategic content marketing campaign and make sure everyone in your audience is able to understand it perfectly.

PowerPoint presentations are amazing communication tools, whether it is to get your team ready to go on a new content marketing campaign or to show a client your marketing plans. Here are some things you can include in a content marketing campaign PowerPoint presentation:

Research your target audience

To make sure your content reaches the right audience, it’s essential to define the target audience you’re trying to appeal to. Making a buyer’s persona will help you determine your ideal client and their standard behavior. This way, you’ll be able to create tailor-made content that genuinely appeals to them and define the most effective ways to reach them.

use PowerPoint for content marketing campaigns

Pick your channels

Not two marketing channels are the same. You can’t approach a blog post as you would a social media post. And these two will be very different from other sorts of content, like newsletters, infographics, or white papers. Even within social media platforms, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach! Using PowerPoint to plan your content marketing campaign will allow you to be strategic. You’ll be able to share with your audience what channel you’ve chosen for this specific campaign, why, and what are the best practices and guidelines to take into account when working on it.

Set trackable goals

There’s no point in setting a content marketing campaign without a goal in mind! Increasing brand awareness, improving social media engagement, capturing emails… There must be a reason why you’re putting all that effort into your content marketing campaign! Having this objective front and center is key for keeping a strategic approach, as it will influence what kind of content and channel you should focus on. Having KPIs is a must when discussing content marketing strategy since they will allow you to define what specific data markers will indicate you’re getting closer to your goal.

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Tell a story

One of the most powerful features of PowerPoint is the ability to tell a story. It is a highly effective technique to give your audience an emotionally charged message. And when talking about storytelling, PowerPoint is king! This doesn’t mean giving your audience a whole novel or come up on your own with just a random story. Storytelling is all about hooking your audience and personalizing your product. You can showcase how your product changes lives, make potential clients aware of their pain points, and connect with them on a more emotional level.

Especially in the case of B2B companies, PowerPoint presentations are a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and what you stand for. It’s great telling potential clients that you’re a reliable, professional, or creative team. But PowerPoint slides are a great way to show these values and make an even better impact! A truly great PowerPoint presentation will help you showcase your brand and the ideas you want to be associated with it. It takes time and effort, but that’s precisely why outsourcing professional PowerPoint design has become a must for businesses of all kinds!

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Assign tasks

For those creating a content marketing campaign presentation for your team, PowerPoint slides are a great way to assure that you’re all on the same page. It will help you define exactly what assets you have at hand for your content campaign and who will be responsible for what. Even if you’re making your presentation for a potential client, adding your team members and your business’s previous experience in similar cases can be a huge plus! It will help you build up authority and reliability by showcasing your team’s talent!

Even better, PowerPoint is the perfect tool to make master templates. This way, you’ll have a “playbook” of sorts any time you need! You can add to your PowerPoint template all the standard topics you need to take into consideration any time you’re planning a new content marketing campaign. A good master template can save you hours of hard work and will allow you to keep a specific standard throughout your campaigns.

PowerPoint to showcase your content marketing campaign results

PowerPoint can also be used after you’re done with your content marketing campaign. All good content creators know that the campaign is not over when you stop posting but when you go through its performance. This is precisely why it’s so important to set strategic KPIs in the planning stages!

After your content marketing campaign is over, you can use PowerPoint to create a presentation (or even a report) of how close you got to your set objectives. Raw data means very little when it’s just thrown around. But PowerPoint is the perfect tool for data visualization! PowerPoint graphs and charts are fantastic for showcasing trends and getting an actual lesson from what the data is telling you.

You can use PowerPoint to showcase your content marketing campaign results to your higher-ups and display how much time and effort it’s put into them. Even more importantly, showing your campaign results! This can help you demonstrate how they add to your business can help you prove that content marketing is worth investing in. Even if it’s just for you and your team, PowerPoint offers an excellent opportunity to go through your content marketing campaign and learn from it for the next one!

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Use PowerPoint to create content!

Very few people are aware of how much of a versatile design software PowerPoint truly is. Presentations are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can actually do with it! Tools like Photoshop and Illustrator are what usually come to mind when talking about design. However, you can most certainly design just as well with just PowerPoint! The best advantage of PowerPoint is that it is highly intuitive. Many PowerPoint elements are pretty much drag and drop. Which makes it much easier to work than other programs that require a steep learning curve. PowerPoint’s popularity also plays a huge role. Chances are you are already familiar with many of the features PowerPoint has to offer! And even better, wherever you’re, you’ll always find a computer with PowerPoint to make a last-minute fix to your content.

Just presentations? Think twice!

You can edit and create images in PowerPoint. Even better, it is easy to customize to fit different channel’s needs. You can use PowerPoint to create social media posts, for example. Infographics are another thing that PowerPoint excels at! You can change your slide size and make your canvas fit any requirement.

Did you know that you can even make videos with PowerPoint? You can make anything, from a quick looping video for a social media post or a complex business brand video. PowerPoint’s got you covered! You can even make a professional video from scratch! PowerPoint transitions and animation features will help you make any video look seamless without animating it manually. Still don’t believe it? Check out this video 24Slides’ designers made, from start to finish, using PowerPoint.

Another great way to create quality content is to use Slideshare. Depending on the topic, a full video of an interview or a webinar might be too long. It’s unlikely that busy people will go all the way through a big video just for a tiny piece of information. In these fast, modern times, effective communication is key. And PowerPoint presentations are an excellent way to summarize any video’s most essential points while still being visually engaging.

PowerPoint can completely change the way to tackle content precisely because it’s so adaptable. When it comes to using PowerPoint for your content marketing campaigns, your imagination is the limit! Anything that requires design and that you wish to make more visually appealing can be easily improved with the help of PowerPoint. Think about newsletters, calendars, or even an invitation for an online seminar. PowerPoint can help you plan, execute and create amazing content to reach your audience and make your campaigns more effective.