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The Deal Depends on Your Presentation

Business deals are make-or-break moments. They’re forks in the road and your presentation decides which way it goes - a wrong turn could end months’ of hard work, investment and potential record profits in the blink of an eye.

Does the prospect choose you or your competitor? Do they merge or split? Urgent investment or pass? Signed contracts or empty seats? It starts and ends with your pitch.

Presentations are 50% visuals - nail them and half the deal is done. You wouldn’t pitch a client in sweatpants and sports jersey, so why accept the equivalent for your slides? With half your success on the line, too many businesses rely on boring and even deal-breaking slides to persuade can’t bore your prospects into doing business with you.

Close That Crucial Deal with Expert Slides

Professionally-designed slides take your presentation up 5 levels. They signal to your prospect your authority, attention to detail and care for the potential deal or offer. It’s time to ditch your old, default-theme slides with the text ‘whooshing’ in from the side. We design beautiful slides that make people want to work with you with little convincing required. Plus, you’ll save countless mind-numbing hours building your own low-quality slides.

We offer two services depending on your exact needs:

Brush up - Basic Enhancements

Consider the brush up a fine-tuning of your current slides. Your structure remains the same, and using your style guide our expert team will optimize the fonts, colors, sizes and alignment of your slides, we’ll even add some high-res icons and images from our personal library. Whilst no new design elements are added in the brush up, your slides will see a new lease of life and show your prospects you care.

Redesign - Complete Transformation

This is the full works. Choosing the redesign is choosing to have your prospects clawing to do business with you. Your slides will be transformed by our expert graphic designers, adding diagrams, graphs and high-res visual elements designed exclusively for your presentation. Our team will try out a whole bunch of designs and find the most optimal format to deliver maximum punch with your message. Choose this option if there’s a lot at stake or if this presentation means a lot to you.

How Does it Work?

Order received

We receive your submitted order and it joins the queue to be reviewed by our design team.

We review your order

Our expert graphic designers will review your order request and contact you with any clarifications required so we’re on the exact same page.

We work our magic

This is where we’ll transform your presentation into a deal-making machine. We’ll upload a first draft for your revision by the agreed deadline.

Awaiting Feedback

We’ve uploaded the first draft of your new slides for you to review, comment and request fine-tuning to ensure you get the presentation fit for your exact needs.


Once you’re happy with the transformation, approve it using our platform and voila, it’s ready for download and to be used as the ultimate persuasion tool!

Designed to Your Exact Needs

Your Current

Upload your existing presentation along with any notes, figures and sketches you’d like us to bring to life in your slides.

Choose a style

Tell us the overall look you’d like for your presentation. You can send us inspirations, corporate guidelines or indicate which style to follow for maximum relevance to your needs.

Tell Us How
Creative We Can Be

We’ll follow your style guide closely, but if our eagle-eyed team of graphic designers spot an opportunity to enhance your slides even further, we’d love to surprise you with a bonus element.

The Perfect Presentation
takes Cooperation

Talk to us

It’s important for our team to feel they know exactly what your want with your order. That’s why we ask that you take a little time to explain the desired overall look of your presentation and be on hand to give feedback on your first draft. For extra convenience, we’ll typically assign the same designer on your next order, so you’re essentially building a working relationship with our team and ensuring 100% satisfaction every time.

We’ll try and get it perfect first time, but...

We’ll try and get your presentation as close to your exact desires as possible first time round, but as you can imagine, that’s pretty hard. With your comments on the first draft we’ll get back to work transforming your slides for the most impact possible in your business. Either way, you’ll leave happier and most-likely in a more successful business.

These World-Leading Companies Trust Us

  • "24Slides helps us get PowerPoints on-brand, and improve overall design in a timeframe that is often “overnight”. Leveraging the time zone change and their deep understanding of PowerPoint, our Marketing team has a partner in 24Slides that allows us to focus purely on slide content, leaving all of the design work to 24Slides."
    Todd Speranzo, MBA AVELLA Specialty Pharmacy
  • "The key to the success with working with 24Slides has been the designers’ ability to revamp basic information on a slide into a dynamic yet clean and clear visual presentation coupled with the speed in which they do so. We do not work in an environment where time is on our side and the visual presentation is everything. In those regards, 24Slides has been invaluable."
    Gretchen Ponts, President Strata Research
  • "After training and testing, 24Slides quickly learnt how to implement our CVI, deliver at a high quality and provide a dedicated design team that always tries to accommodate our wishes in terms of design and deadlines."
    Nyah Pham, Project Manager Novozymes

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