How To Design A Professional Presentation That Will Amaze Your Audience

Cookie-cutter PowerPoint templates are not going to impress anyone, not yourself and certainly not your audience who’s probably already either half asleep or trying to sneak out the door unnoticed. To stand out with a professional presentation, you need to be extra creative as no one has the patience to sit through a really bad presentation made with lousy templates. In this post, you’re going to find out how to design a powerful PowerPoint presentation that will wow your audience and will keep them glued to their seats.

Create Beautifully Designed PowerPoint Slides

Professional Presentation Design by 24slides

Whether you need to prepare a presentation for school or work, it’s important to consider the design you will use. There are so many modern-looking templates available on the web today. You don’t have to design your slides from scratch, rather you can build off one these templates and use your own creativity to make your presentation professional and effective. Here are some helpful tips to enhance your skills in creating great PowerPoint presentation designs.

Consider using modern design techniques

A styled and professional presentation is never going to be boring. Think about how you can make your PowerPoint slides fun and engaging. Use your creative design skills in building interesting slides that present your topic and convey your message accurately. Bullet points and bold numbers also offer excellent visual devices when breaking up your texts.

Placing images in the grids 

Don’t put naked images in your presentation. You can use grids to provide a more professional edge to your presentation. Grids give also the appearance of white space, which will ensure that your texts are not overpowered by images.

Matching simple content with a strong cover

You probably heard of the golden rule “less is more” when it comes to designing. That’s always true because it helps designers to achieve better designs through simplicity. The body slides will work better if you don’t use too many images, different fonts, and shapes. You need to focus on your message so you can effectively deliver them to your audience. Use a strong cover to even out simple slides.

Use similar frames

Frames are effective in containing the information you want to convey. These are usually made with transparent shapes and your slides can be duplicated using similar frames. This is actually one of the keys to better-looking presentation designs.

Duplicating the slides

After creating the slides, save them as templates. Meaning, you may duplicate them while adapting your content as the body slides. By doing this, you achieve cohesion and save time since you don’t need to design the slides from scratch again.

Executing Professional Presentations

Professional Presentation Design by 24slides

Today, you can take advantage of abundant materials and ideas in designing professional presentations. Understanding different ways to encourage and entertain your audience, however, is crucial when making PowerPoint presentations. The following are guidelines in presenting a topic to an audience successfully:


It’s so cliché but it’s true that “timing is everything”. If you’re free to choose your presentation schedule, it would be better to pick a mid-morning slot. Many professional presenters say this is the best time to capture the attention of individuals who are more alert between morning and afternoon. Just remember to be succinct so as not to waste other people’s time.

Be brief

Audiences normally have a short attention span. People easily get bored when given long texts to read. If you want to attract attention and keep them listening, be straightforward. Don’t add unnecessary content which will only lengthen the presentation. Avoid fluff content. Present your topic with some exciting ad lib.

Encourage audience participation

It’s a great challenge for presenters to keep their audience interested in what they are saying. Making an impression in the first 30 seconds will help you engage the audience and make them participate in the discussion. Inject humor while changing slides to keep them involved.

Emotional connection

Just like in commercials, it’s important for any professional presentation to connect emotionally with the audience. Inject sentiments when delivering your message. That way, you humanize the visual aids and help the crowd understand what you are trying to convey. Trigger their feelings and motivate them to take action.

Visual aids

Most people are visual learners. Meaning, presenters need to understand that their audience relies on visual aids in order to get the message. Make sure that your points are supported by visual aids. Your message, with a mental image, is more clearly understood by the audience.

Graphics and images are essential in presentation designs

They provide remarkable support while you deliver your speech. Also, designing visuals can be challenging when using charts and other complex visuals. However, you can make simple ones to ensure accurate and easy to understand details.

Built-in Themes vs. Custom Themes

Polishing the storyline with appropriate visuals is important. A well-supported slide includes statistics, case studies, analogies, and illustrations. But why do you need to avoid using the built-in themes commonly provided in PowerPoint?

Presentation templates help presenters make their job easier. The only problem is that built-in themes are too generic. No matter how beautiful your font or design is, the workflow still becomes identical to other presentations. And that is the last thing you would want to happen in your presentation, right?

So if you want to stand out with a great presentation, you need to consider using custom or premium themes. Personalized templates help you achieve a one-of-a-kind design that will catch your audience’s attention.

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Completing the Professional Presentation Package

Professional Presentation Design

Knowing how to make PowerPoint presentations more visually appealing and professional is a very useful skill. But you also have to factor in your charisma, audible voice, and preparedness to make your presentation as good and as powerful as possible. Looking good is just a bonus. So the next time you design a professional presentation, keep in mind the most important things: grabbing your audience’s interest, clear and understandable content, and some humor will make you an outstanding communicator.


I hope you learned something new from all these points I’ve covered today and you can now create a good PowerPoint presentation design. As you probably already know, humans are highly visual creatures. The brain processes visual information more efficiently than plain text. It’s the standard you need to comply with when making professional presentation designs. Enticing and appealing slides will keep your audience attentive and reactive throughout your presentation.

At 24slides, we spice up PowerPoint presentations with professional design techniques and loads of creativity. We create beautiful presentations from scratch and redesign existing ones. Take a look at some examples of our work and let’s get in touch.


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