The Ultimate Brand Identity Presentation Guide [FREE PPT Template]

If you’re in the process of building the right image for your company, it’s essential that you and your team manage clear guidelines on how to present your brand to the world.

These guidelines will help you maintain consistency (a KEY aspect of branding), and that’s why today, I’ll show you how to create a brand identity presentation that helps you inject your corporate identity into every single material.

We’ll go over the following topics:

What is a brand identity presentation?

A brand identity presentation is a practical and efficient way to present your brand’s guidelines. What are brand guidelines? They are a set of rules on how your brand should be used across any type of media.

These guidelines include all of your brand’s elements, such as your typography, color palette, tone of voice, etc. They provide all the instructions you need to maintain consistency every time you create new marketing materials, from brochures to flyers, packaging, and even your branded presentations.

How to present a brand identity?

The best way to present your brand identity is through a PowerPoint presentation. Why? For several reasons:

  • Adaptability: Having all your brand's elements in a PowerPoint presentation not only provides the convenience of having everything accessible but also offers the flexibility to adapt it to various formats, such as social media and websites.
  • Familiarity: PowerPoint is already a tool you likely use regularly. This familiarity makes using it for brand identity design presentation the easiest choice.
  • Rich content: PowerPoint presentations have ample space for including visual examples, videos, and essential links. They encompass a wide array of content types, including text, charts, infographics, and videos.

What to include in a brand identity presentation?

Let's take a look at all the elements you should include in your brand identity presentation:

Your brand identity

1. Mission and Vision

Including your mission and vision in your brand identity design presentation is vital because it defines your brand’s purpose and long-term goals. You should structure these slides with a brief introduction followed by concise mission and vision statements:

2. Brand Purpose

Your brand’s purpose allows your audience to emotionally connect with your content, so it is crucial to include it to ensure everyone in the company creates content aligned with it. Present a brief statement with any explanation you’d like to have:

3. Values

Including your brand’s values in your presentation is crucial as it helps match your team's actions and decisions with the core principles your brand stands for. You can present them simply or provide explanations for each one:

4. Tone of voice

Explaining your brand's preferred tone of voice is essential because it sets the style for all your content. Be sure to provide a description of how your brand should communicate and share examples about what to do and what not to do in order to clarify expectations:

5. Intended audience

By presenting your buyer persona, you ensure that everyone involved understands who the brand is speaking to. This way, you help them create content that resonates with the target audience:

Your Brand Visual Elements

Now, let’s check out the visual elements you should definitely include:

6. Logo design

Your logo is a cornerstone of your brand identity. Including it, along with variations and do’s and don'ts, ensures that everyone has access to and uses it correctly, which helps maintain a professional and consistent brand image:

7. Typography

Presenting your chosen typography is essential for maintaining a uniform visual identity in your text-based content. Include font styles for different types of text and usage guidelines to ensure that all written materials adhere to your brand’s style:

8. Brand Colors

Displaying your primary brand colors and their codes is essential for consistent visual branding. By providing the color palette and codes, you ensure that all design elements align with your brand's color scheme:

9. Photography

Explaining the style and types of photography that align with your brand is crucial. Make sure to include examples of preferred photography styles that help your team understand the visual aesthetic your brand aims to achieve:

10. Illustrations

If illustrations are part of your brand, presenting their style and usage guidelines is vital. You should include examples that illustrate the desired style and do’s and don’ts, making it easier for designers and content creators to maintain consistency in visuals:

Additionally, make sure you include these supplementary recommendations to elevate the quality even further, as suggested by our design managers Ramaditya Ananda and Indah Yuniarti.

As Ramaditya says:

“Make sure to include a link to access existing assets so it’s easier and faster for designers to use them.”

Including links to ALL the assets is a great way to facilitate the process for everyone designing or creating content. Attach these links for your logos, illustrations, shapes, etc.

Additionally, remember that you should include as many examples as possible. Try to be as specific as you can to ensure that all your content is illustrated exactly as you have in mind. As Indah adds:

"Be specific about how you would like to visualize your brand. Provide context regarding how the elements should be used and include the DO's and DON'Ts. Offer examples of both correct and incorrect applications of brand guidelines to help minimize errors in their implementation."

Check out the final product: Brand identity presentation examples

Ready to see the final product? Check out some amazing brand identity presentation examples.


Skype provides a great example of everything you must include in your presentation, especially how to present it. Skype’s guide offers a visually appealing yet playful presentation that cleverly introduces all of the brand’s elements in carefully crafted storytelling.

See the full brand guide here.


Heineken’s brand identity presentation provides every detail you should be including in your own presentation. They consider every single element, from all the logo variations, to all the visual elements the content creators or designers could need.

Check out the full brand guide here.

FREE Brand identity presentation template!

Now you’re ready to create your own brand style guide!

And to help you in the process, the 24Slides designers created a PowerPoint template that follows the structure we’ve seen above. Take this as your starting point in the making of your company’s brand identity presentation.

This hands-on brand identity presentation template comes with 20 slides for you to insert each one of your brand elements. If you feel ready to start, click on the image. You’ll be sent to our Templates Hub where you can download these slides for free.

However, as you might already notice, this is a generic template. It helps tremendously to get everything structured and in place as your first draft, but it’s not quite the finished document you want to present.

There’s one last step you shouldn’t skip if you really want to create a brand style guide that you and your team feel proud of.

Final Step: Brand Your Guidelines!

How are you going to encourage people to use your brand properly if you don’t do it yourself? Branding your guidelines, or any of your presentations, is key!

Your brand style guide or brand identity presentation is an excellent opportunity to practice what you preach and show how a document can breathe and live your brand to the fullest.

Ideally, your brand manual will be a consultation document for internal and external teams (graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, marketers, consultants, etc.), so it makes sense to have it aligned with your brand as well.

If you envision your brand style guide with a professional aspect but don’t know exactly how to get it there, you might be interested in outsourcing your presentation design.

At 24Slides, our PowerPoint designers are experts at making presentations that truly reflect your brand and values. Just check some of our before-and-after examples:

If you’ve already got all your elements and text in your brand identity PowerPoint template, all you need to do is send it our way! Our designers have provided top-notch presentations to thousands of professionals and companies around the world, so rest assured your slides are in good hands.

But if you’d like to test the service first, that’s totally okay! We’re all about transparency and 100% customer satisfaction, so here’s a try-out offer for you: Send us one slide (maybe the cover of your brand style guide!), and we’ll redesign it for just one dollar. This is a cool way to experience what our presentation design service can do for you and your team.

As I mentioned before, no two brand style guides are the same. These 10 points we’ve covered are the essential parts any brand style guide should have, but you can add others according to what your brand needs.

Just remember to keep your brand style guide short, easy to read for everyone, and shareable!

Download your brand identity presentation PDF

Ready to create your own brand identity presentation? Look no further - this template is your ultimate tool to make it happen! Download it for free:

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