20+ Self Introduction PowerPoint Templates: Download for free!

Think about the image you want to portray during your presentation pitch. Creativity? Soberness? Reliability? A professional PowerPoint design can help you deliver a powerful introduction to your stakeholders

Here, you'll find some creative Self-Introduction PowerPoint Templates that are going to elevate your slides to the next level. Our expert team has designed different layouts that you will surely love and save you a lot of time. 

And if you want to present your company and highlight your team's experience, you'll also find some fantastic Team Presentation Templates. Keep reading to get them all for free!

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Introducing Yourself PowerPoint Templates

Introducing yourself is vital to generate a connection with your audience. In fact, it showcases your background and abilities, making sure you are the person they seek. 

That being said, let's have a look at the Self-Introduction PowerPoint Templates that we prepared for you and will optimize your creative process:

1. About Me PowerPoint Template

These self-introduction PowerPoint templates are perfect for anyone trying to convey sobriety and professionalism. 

The pack offers different layouts, which you can use to engage your audience and showcase your work experience. 

About Me PowerPoint Template

2. Personal Resume PowerPoint Template

This template is another great option for introducing yourself through a PowerPoint presentation. 

You'll find different types of diagrams and graphs that will display all your skills and work experience in a more eye-catching way. 

Personal Resume PowerPoint Template

3. Colorful Resume PowerPoint Template

With this colorful template, you'll be able to create more impactful slides and add your desired background. 

It also includes a map that will help you showcase your experience abroad! 

Colorful Resume PowerPoint Template

4. Creative Resume PowerPoint Template

If you are not sure of the color palette of your presentation, try this blue template. It's the perfect color to convey professionalism!

This self-introduction PowerPoint template will definitely catch your audience's attention from the beginning. 

Creative Resume PowerPoint Template

5. Personal Branding PowerPoint Template

This template is focused on Personal Branding, but you can use the graphics to organize your "About me" presentation in PowerPoint.

As always, we invite you to customize each element however you like!

Personal Introduction slides

6. Women Leadership Powerpoint Template

Want to be concise in your pitch? This template will inspire you!

As you can see in the image, you'll find a minimalist design of pink and purple tones.

Minimalist PowerPoint slides

7. Timeline Infographic PowerPoint Template

This template package has timelines and graphics that will be useful for organizing your personal information.

If you were looking for a modern and creative self-introduction template, this design may be for you!

Personal Resume slides in PowerPoint

8. User Persona PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template was initially designed to present Buyer Personas but can be adapted for an "About Me" section.

User Persona PowerPoint Template

9. Photography Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Want to improve your portfolio? We've designed portfolio templates in PowerPoint, too!

This resource was created for photographers, but you can adjust it to your needs.

Photography Portfolio PowerPoint Template

10. Career Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Here is another portfolio design in PowerPoint! 

When you download this template, you'll find a sober self-introduction design with blue tones.

Career Portfolio PowerPoint Template

We're not done yet!

In the following section, you'll discover more PowerPoint templates for introducing your work team to an audience.

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Team Introduction PowerPoint Templates

Introducing your team becomes crucial when you want to attract new clients or investors to your business. It will spotlight your team's capabilities, convincing your audience that you can solve their problems. 

As always, all the slides in our templates are easily editable, so you can add any image you like and customize the aesthetics according to your color scheme.

Let's check the Team Introduction PowerPoint Templates we have for you: 

1. Team Slides PowerPoint Template

This team introduction PowerPoint template offers 8 different designs that will impress your audience. 

Pick the layout you like the most and add it to your presentation deck! 

Team Slides PowerPoint Template

2. Roles and Responsibilities PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is all about the roles and responsibilities of each team member.  

If you’re working on a new project, this team intro PowerPoint template will be perfect! 

Team Roles PowerPoint Template

3. Meet The Team PowerPoint Template

If you're seeking to introduce your company to a potential investor or client, check out these team introduction slides! 

This template pack will help you to present a complete overview of your business and the people involved in it.

Meet The Team PowerPoint Template

4. Project Management PowerPoint Template

Do you have a project running and need to design the final presentation? This template is made for you!

As in the previous designs, you will find a project team slide template and more graphics that will make your presentation dazzle.

Project team slide template in PPT

5. Strategic Action Plan PowerPoint Template

Here is another of our corporate templates to introduce your work team to an audience.

If you want designs with green and blue tones, this resource is for you!

Strategic Action Plan PowerPoint Template

6. Finance Team PowerPoint Template

This presentation contains animated slides with a fresh design.

When you download this PowerPoint template, you'll find a "mission and vision" section, a description of services, a customer profile, and more!

Team Introduction PowerPoint Template

7. Light Corporate PowerPoint Template

Want to present a creative self-introduction but need more time to think about the design? If so, this template will be perfect for you.

You'll find a "meet the team" section, 3D graphics, infographics, and more. Download it for free now!

Corporate PowerPoint Template

8. Creative Business PowerPoint Template

If you prefer a one-page self-introduction, take a look at this template.

It contains icons, timelines, statistical graphs, and more resources. Like the previous designs, the download is completely free!

Creative Business PowerPoint Template

9. Creative Pitchbook PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template and its unique designs will immediately catch your audience's attention.

If you want to convey professionalism and detail-oriented, this template pack is for you.

Creative pitch slides in PPT

10. Film Pitch PowerPoint Template

These designs were created for film teams but can be adapted to any field!

We are confident its aesthetics will inspire you.

Film team introduction in PPT

11. Storyboard Artist PowerPoint Template

Looking for more creative self-introduction slides? You'll love this one! 

Initially, this template is black and white, but you can edit the colors freely.

Meet the team slides in PowerPoint

12. Team Introduction PowerPoint Template

This team introduction PowerPoint template has a unique format.

You'll be able to highlight your team's skills visually. And the best thing is that it's easy to understand at first glance!

Team Introduction PowerPoint Template

13. Science Organization PowerPoint Template

A team introduction is always a great idea, but it's even better when you can showcase the relationship between different members and roles! 

With this template pack, you can make that possible.

Team presentation template

Looking for Custom PowerPoint Presentations? We got you! 

If you liked our free template designs, you'll love 24Slides custom presentations

A PowerPoint presentation is a great place to start making an excellent first impression. It will show your audience how committed you are to a project and how much effort you will put into it. 

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24Slides offers a pro-level design service that will elevate all your presentation decks. Our Designers have worked with some of the biggest companies worldwide, so we can offer the expertise you need. 

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